Yoast SEO plugin mastering tips and techniques

Yoast SEO plugin mastering tips and techniques

Yoast SEO Plugin by Joost De Valk, is one of the most popular plugins that WordPress website owners use to achieve SEO standards. Bloggers especially are very font of this plugin because content generation according to Google standards becomes very easy.

So how do you master the options that are available in the Yoast SEO plugin? It’s simple you see. You just need to understand the basics of SEO.

The author of the Yoast SEO plugin just made sure that your content is good enough to rank high in Google. Furthermore, it actually works. You organic traffic will shoot up like a rocket within a month from using this plugin.

Demands from the Yoast SEO plugin for a successful content

Google loves content that can be well read by users (that is it’s not spam with excessive keyword stuffing) and also well prepared for the search engine. The Yoast SEO plugin requires you to keep in mind the following –

  1. Keyword density  

This is one of the most vital factors. Keyword density tells the search engine bots about the health of your article. Yoast SEO plugin recommends that you have a density of focus keyword at least 1.5% – 4% in the total content. But, remember not to stuff your article heavily with the keyword. That might result in SEO penalty and also loss of readership.

       2. Text to code Ratio

This ratio determines the amount of text that is present on your webpage in comparison to the code. Woorank and Yoast SEO plugin both consider a ratio above 15% to be safe. You can improve it up to 25%. The commendable range is 25-70. Beyond which it is considered spam.

       3.  Header tags

Header tags are very important on webpages individually. Header tags must contain the focus keyword and at least one H1, and two to three H2 and H3 tags are suggested on each webpage. 

       4.  Image and alt attributes

Images play a very vital role in SEO. Yoast SEO plugin encourages you to include a good number of images along with your featured image. The more images you use in your content, the better SEO benefit you would get.

The featured image is also a part of the webpage image optimization process. But try adding at least one more image within the content.

A must inclusion is the focus keyword within the image alt attribute and also the title attribute.

       5. Reader friendliness of your content

Your content must be well readable. By this I mean to say that do not make long sentences and use tough words. Make sentences short and simple.

The Yoast SEO plugin uses the help of the Flesch Reading Test tool. The plugin gives a score for your content and you must keep a score more than 70. I suggest that would be good.

        6. Outbound links and Internal links as well

Links are very important. One string SEO factor is how many outbound links your content is having. So, in each of your article, at least mention 2 to 3 outbound links (links to other domains). I would suggest, try linking to domains with a higher PR than that of yours. So that your PR link juice does get drained on a bad lower authority website.

Internal links are links to your existing pages. This increases traffic and also helps search engines traverse better through your website.

      7.  Page URL specifications

URL length and text is a vital SEO factor. The Yoast SEO plugin suggests that your URL must contain the focus keyword. It also suggests that you keep your URL length between 40 to 55 characters.

       8.  Page Meta Description specification

Meta description is not necessary for boosting SEO as I have mentioned in my article on usability of meta keywords and description. However, meta descriptions provide a short synopsis of your content. When search results are displayed, users would first take a look at the meta description. So, make it very attractive so as to pull more visitors.

Meta descriptions should always be within 70 to 160 characters; that’s ideal for SEO.

The Yoast SEO plugin suggests you put the focus keyword at least once in your description.

       9. Page Title specifications

The plugin suggests that the tile must be within 40 to 70 characters in length. That’s the ideal length for good SEO. Also, the focus keyword must be arranged as close as possible to the beginning of the title. It’s best to start with the focus keyword.

       10.  Content optimization and length

Content length is very vital. You must at least produce a minimum of 300 words in each article. Suggested ideal count is 500 words. Anything more than that is welcome.

The focus keyword must be arranged somewhere close to the beginning of the content as well, maybe in the first or second line.


Want to opt for the Yoast SEO plugin?

I will tell you exactly where to find the Yoast SEO plugin and how to get started. Also, you must know more about the author. He is a real super hero in terms of SEO.

The author Joost de Valk has done a splendid job with the plugin. Check out his website and more about his works.

To download the full version free plugin, just visit this link. Install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin. It’s really simple. Once you have installed it, you’ll see reports getting generated automatically at the bottom of your post editing page below the post editing box.

According to the reports you can edit your content and check your updated SEO score. Publish your content once the score shows good. That’s it, simple.

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