XERO accounting software makes business easy

XERO accounting software makes business easy

Recently I have been working with the XERO interface at my workplace, and I thought that it would be a nice idea to share my experience with my friends on the internet.

To begin with, let me introduce you to this software first. XERO accounting software is a web application designed specially to cater to the needs of business owners. Business owners who have an internet presence and sales related to online leads might find this especially useful.

This software, just like a CRM manages all information regarding your products, descriptions, price details, account of sale and purchase, etc. So, it is a one stop shop for your products and business points. Creating inventory items is also very easy.


Not only this, you can also create contacts related to your business in the XERO accounting software. Your contacts have their details including address, contact numbers, social network ids, and purpose with the company, etc.

Invoices of sales can be created as well. The invoices shall contain all details including due amount, item name, description, price, and reference and description of the invoice. Furthermore, these invoice details are graphically embedded on your sales dashboard to get a clear diagrammatic idea of your cash flow.


XERO accounting software – get started

The official website of the XERO accounting software can be found here. The website offers a very simple interface for the users. The homepage portrays simple real life examples and videos on the scope of this organization. Just sign-up for a free account at the beginning, and I am sure you would love to upgrade to their premium version later on.

Even when you register for a free version, XERO accounting software offers full control. You can start using the full software immediately. The setting up process is just awesome! I created an account for development procedures and I was just mesmerized.

As you enter your name, email and password; your account gets activated. Just after the first login, XERO will collect all relevant data associated to your business. This includes your bank account details, your balance sheets up to the date of your application, your tax information and much more.

XERO accounting software calculates current available balances of your organization based on the information you provide. All brought forward balances are recorded and tax rates are also saved. So, your accounts are now full proof. Setting up is quick and very much user friendly. So,, that’s not a headache at all.

XERO accounting software for developers

As I already told you that I was doing a development job for my firm. I was trying to connect XERO to VTiger CRM. So, naturally I started looking for some API of XERO, and whoa! They had one! Development was like an enjoyment for me. If you are a developer and have some knowledge of API integration, just have a look at the XERO accounting software development center.

They have a strong API and have a very strong documentation too, I must say. Their databases are accessible and modifiable after a proper authentication process through the API. All connection details and code help are mentioned in the documentation. They have even mentioned help materials for creating public/private certificates with OpenSSL. I just loved working with this software.

The software also has example codes for developer. You can find these code samples along with the developer documentation. The codes are hosted on Github and if you invest a bit time you’ll get the total flow.

XERO accounting software also maintains a healthy community wherein you could share all your queries in detail. In fact, the forum is also categorized according to topics and level of development. One more thing to mention here is that the forum admins reply really fast. It’s always going to help you.

Overall, as a developer myself, I would love to highly recommend XERO accounting software for any business solutions. I would say it’s a rating of 9 out of 10 for this software according to my development experience.