Why start a blog ?

Why start a blog ?

Start a blog for fun. Yes, that’s where it all started. Web logs or blogs were initially an internet documentation purpose for web users. Blogs were used to discuss, share and integrate ideas on the web.

A common question is why start a blog for myself? Well, if you have any ideas, material and matter that you want to share or show to the world; use a blog to deliver it. Blogs can be great when you want to showcase your personality and interests.

Start a blog on photography maybe or even a blog related to complex arithmetic problem solving techniques. Anything and everything that you think people on the web would love – can be part of blog posts.

How to start a blog

Well, starting a blog is very simple nowadays. Choosing a platform is the stepping stone to start a blog. A domain name or hosting account for you is a great idea. We shall discuss the advantages related to this

Since a long time, Blogger has been serving several blog masters around the world to showcase their talent. Blogger is now a Google venture and so you just need a Google account to access Blogger platform.

WordPress is another such platform that provides free blog hosting. Just sign-up at the official WordPress site and you are ready to write your own blog posts at their domain. WordPress also offers extensive blog theme directories and widgets for you to install into your WordPress blog site. These things make your blog more interactive and appealing for the readers.

Hubpages is also a very good option to avail if you want to start a blog and publish content for a large audience. Hubpages also has a cool feature to monetize your content. You can make money with Hubpages. This website allows you to link Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate programs and eBay affiliate programs to be displayed beside your content. Their unique website engine tracks your affiliate code and funds are automatically transferred to your respective affiliate accounts. Blogger also allows monetizing content using Google AdSense.

The one thing about these websites is that you need not bother about the SEO part when you start a blog. These website have a very high page-rank and lots of quality backlinks. So, they naturally rank high enough in search results. This is something that you would not get if you build a personal website blog. Other article submission sites include Ezinearticles and GoArticles.

These websites also have a very high PR (page-rank) and lots of traffic each day. Often bloggers use these websites to build more traffic to their own websites. Once you write for these platforms, your articles are in the showcase where millions of visitors pass by each day.

Do I start a blog or a website?

For start-ups, business people and entrepreneurs; a website is a prime identity on the internet. Without a website, you are like a sales person without a business card or a brochure for your product. Your clients wouldn’t even look at what you’ve got. Your rivals would beat you instantly.

Having a website is very important for you if you have a product to sell. Blogging is not for product sale or brand identity. A website and a blog are far away from each other. Blogs are basically built to generate fresh content on the website for viewers to get latest updates about your ideas.

If you are an individual and have some ideas to share and let the world know; use a blog. If you need to sell those ideas, you better use a website. Blogs are for people to know what you just discovered or what you have been up to for the past few months, your hobbies, your favorite TV show update, how your pet made a hilarious act; and so on.

A website is far from this. Websites showcase your product, your ideas that you want people to buy and get services from you. Your website will have galleries of items and prices, support documentation and client testimonials.

However, blogs are also a part of websites. Websites require SEO for competitive results on the internet. One of the foremost requirements of the major search engines is fresh content generation. Blogs become very useful for this purpose. Major Websites use blogs to keep their website content fresh and updated. Regular content generation with focused keywords enhances quality if websites and thus increase search engine visibility and traffic.