What do your readers expect to read on your blog?

What do your readers expect to read on your blog?

For all bloggers, it is very important to know the fact what their readership is all about. Without knowing exactly what your readers expect to read on your blog; you are just throwing stones in the dark. Some might hit the correct target while others would just fade away hitting no one at all.

Set of topics that your readers expect to read

Topics on a blog can be varied, but niche blogging is very much about finding one particular genre of topics. You cannot just write about anything and everything on the same blog. At least for starters in the industry, this is very bad idea. Once you are already having a huge traffic, you can try your hands on various topics.

This is very true because each blog has a set of dedicated readers. Apart from search traffic or organic traffic, this is the only set of people that regularly visit your blog for updates. Your blog must have a reputation of creating “similar” content. Otherwise, you readers might just fly away to some other weblog on the internet.

Cost of disheartening your readership

So, for example, you write on travel and places. Your readers expect to read about the latter, and appreciate your efforts. Suddenly you switch and start writing about cooking. Your expertise might be questioned at this point and several of your readers might just stop following you anymore due to the bad quality.

If you are a seasoned blogger, you must know very well how tough it is to gather a dedicated group of lovers for your write-ups. So, you’d never want to lose them, do you?

An even fierce group of people might even get so pissed off that they might stop following you on the social boards and social networks as well.

That is awful! I know you can’t even imagine it at this point. It’s better to do some research on what our readers expect to read, and avoid all such mishaps.

So, how do we find out what our readers expect to read?

I will put down a few ways to find out exactly what pattern and genre of writing your dedicated readers expect to read when they visit your blog. Obviously, each blog has a pattern and industry already selected at the beginning. We are not speaking of that. We are speaking of a deeper sub division of this genre.

So, for example, if you write about technology you might have written about several topics like product reviews, coding techniques, latest inventions in science, etc. Of these, all posts do not get the same response or page views. So, why not focus on articles from one or two of these sub-sections that get the best response?

Here are the few tips that will help you narrow down the topics that your readers expect to read or love to read on your blog –

  1. Google Analytics

Google analytics is a boon for web developers and also for internet marketers. Analytics give you the exact study of how much readers you get from what sources. Here again, you have two options to monitor –

  • Analyzing the organic flow of visitors – From Google Analytics dashboard, go to the left panel option “acquisition”

      From the dropdown options, select “channels”

From the page that loads, scroll down and select “organic search” traffic as the source. Click on the “organic search” link.

Again after the page loads, just below the graph, you will see there are options in a very small font; out of which “keyword” will remain selected by default. You must change it to “landing page”

That’s it. You will now get a list of the landing pages on your website that gets the maximum pageviews.

This will give you an idea of the topics that get searched most and that your users prefer to read.


  • Studying which interests your readers the most – This can also be achieved from Google Analytics.

You must get a clear idea as to which one of your posts have been the most interesting for the readers. That is the key to find out what readers expect to read in the new column.

Whatever you did in step one of mentioned above, repeat it. Now you will see a column which says, “Average session duration”. Click on that column.

Now, you are getting a refreshed list of landing pages sorted in the order in which your pages have maximum stays from your readers. This list will not show the most visited page at the top, but it will show the page which had your visitors engaged for a great span of time. So, these pages had real good content!


2. Comments on your blog

Comments on your blog articles are also an intuitive method of finding what engages your users most. Your readers expect to read articles that would add something to their knowledge, and no better way to find that other than the comments section.

Whenever you get a good deal of comments or some moments of appraisal; be sure that your readers love it.

Some commenting systems like Disqus offer networking and other analytics related to popularity of articles on a website. They also offer analytics and graphs based on its own traffic system. So, whenever your article becomes popular through Disqus, you get to know that too.

This mechanism lets you find out specifically what your Disqus network readers love the most.

3. Social sharing plugins or buttons

This is also a bookish but strong method of finding out your readers’ interests. Social sharing plugins and social buttons display numbers of shares. Whenever your content is useful and vital, it gets shared without doubt.

People love sharing good content and they would never back off from sharing what they just loved reading. So, this is also a very tactical way of finding what your readers expect to read on your blog.

Also, several social sharing plugins like Shareaholic and Filament have strong measuring features like analytics, total share counts and insights.

4. Social networks

Social networking websites not only produce traffic, but they are also good at givig strong analytics. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the strongest sources of blog traffic according to me. All of these can help you determine what your readers expect to read in your next blog post.

  • Find out the maximum number of shares for an article. This is the best and easiest mechanism. For Pinterest, find out the re-pins and shares.
  • Find out which feeds get the best comments and top share count

Why is it important to find what my readers expect to read in the next post?

Finding out the choice and taste of your readers, plays a vital role in blog success. Just keep in mind the following –

  1. Keeps your readers engaged and waiting for your next post.
  2. Increases mail subscribers instantly when your readers find their expectations met.
  3. Increase social flares and shares, and thus social following and networking is booted.
  4. A dedicated fan and lovers’ group for your blog is confirmed, when you write what your readers expect to read.
  5. Your readers would find themselves at control and relate more with you, because they would find you are writing for them. More comments and more activity on your blog.

  • Very true, watch out for my next blog post which is also on the same topic of provide the same thing to your readers for which they are looking for.

    • Hi @alokvats:disqus I just read one or two of your posts on your blog. They are truly inspiring and up to the point. Truly very effective blog of yours. I loved it.

      • Thank you so much buddy :) I am glad that you liked them.

  • Hi
    It is really an art to know what readers really want to read. But bye and bye we get to know what they want with the help of their feedback at comments section and at social media. Yes traffic trends we can watch at Google Analytics where we can get clear picture of which type of visitors are coming at our blog and why.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post that does have lot of value to content marketers.

    • Thanks for the acknowledgement. Yes comments are very powerful to figure out what readers are liking.