Watch the FIFA World Cup 2014 online for free

Watch the FIFA World Cup 2014 online for free

The world cup 2014 is gearing up to be hosted and fans all over the world are super excited. I am a hardcore football fan and I took up this opportunity to merge some football and technical information on my blog.

I am writing this article on the eve of the World cup 2014 inauguration. I know all of you would love to watch the matches on your television, but I write this article to keep you informed about emergency cases.

It happened to me during the Champions League Quarter finals when Manchester United played Olympiakos. I am a dedicated fan of Manchester United and I was very depressed when I missed the first leg of Manchester United’s play off against Olympiakos.

It happened so that I use a dish connection for my television channels and weather was not clear that night. It was heavily clouded and my dish reception got jammed. As a result, I missed out the whole match after loads of patience to try away out. I do not want the world cup 2014 to have the same fate.

The World cup 2014 plans

During the World cup 2014, I have prepared a backup plan for myself. I hope you never need this solution, but keep this in mind to be on a safe side.

What I did at that time (when I got busted and missed the Man Utd game), I started searching for options on the internet where I could see live streams of the game. I came up with a few but they were all paid and membership plans.

I suppose ESPN and STAR would also provide all live streams for World cup 2014 lovers in India (I am not particularly sure about residents outside India). But, these website require you to buy a subscription or pay for one time viewing. They charge you the money and allow you to view the live streams.

Frankly, I did not want to pay for viewing one match. I am already paying a hefty amount for availing all the sports channels on my TV. So, I started searching for free (sponsored) streams.

The sponsored streaming channel

I came up with this great website after researching quite a few many. I went through a number of websites, but I feel this one has the best streams in comparison to the amount of ads they popup. I call it LIVE TV (I have saved the bookmark with the same name) , you can call it whatever you like – but I must say, it’s really good!




So, go ahead and bookmark it for yourself. In this World cup 2014, do not put yourself into risk. Maybe you are in the middle of a vital match and your television displays starts disturbing.

The quality and technical specifications

This website is just as simple as any other video streaming website. Keep the following things in mind and you would have no troubles –

  1. Make sure you have Adobe Flash installed.
  2. You will be displayed a list of streams available for every match during the world cup 2014. Select the one with a good health.
  3. Often there might be options saying that “you must download a particular media player” for watching the video. Do not download. Your web browser is enough.
  4. The links for the live stream appear around 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. So do not panic if you can’t see them an hour before.
  5. Ads might start appearing on the video iframe. Wait for some time, they have the options to be closed.


Best of luck for the World cup 2014

Being a football fan, it’s my duty to wish a very good luck to all my readers for the FIFA world cup 2014 final stage. May the best team win but do keep on supporting your favorite team until the last.

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