How to use social hashtags effectively

How to use social hashtags effectively

Social hashtags have become very popular among the giant networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus and so on. These have a very high return value to post owners, and user love to associate their content with tags on the social networks. This is a great opportunity to be found out quickly.

If you are still unaware of hashtags, here’s a simple introduction for you. Hashtags is a very interesting subject in the social networking syllabus. In the ending half of the year 2012, social networks introduced a mechanism called hashtags to segregate content. Using this feature, you can add tags to your post and thus categorize them under a particular token.

Suppose you post something about blogging, your social hashtags associated with this post might be #blog, #blogging, #blogonline and so on. In this way, whenever these tags are searched on these networks; your content shows up.

Social hashtags are great for traffic and exposure. But, you must follow certain methods and strategies while using them.

Don’t overload

Hashtags are great for categorizing and even giving your followers and idea about your post. It is good to give at the most 4 to 5 hashtags for a post. Do not exceed this amount; otherwise your hashtags would not work significantly. Your users would be quite confused if your social hashtags do not carry a certain trend.

Selecting your hashtags cleverly

Four or five hashtags are just enough with the perfect skill. Your post would oftent carry a single domain of information (if not you mix a whole lot of stuff together to make a mess). So, just think from your readers’ point of view. If you would have been the reader, what would you have searched for to get this article as a result? What would have been your search term?

Collect some of these terms and form your pack social hashtags.

how to use social hashtags effectively to get more traffic to your blog

Of-the-track social hashtags might help at times

Some tags are meant to capture the user’s eyes. Out of the 5 tags that you prepare, make at least one or maybe two tags on a general note. Suppose you post about blogging, make three tags on blogging and the two other tags to target a larger audience. But, obviously make sure they are not too wayward.

So, for a blogging post, you can create two general tags like – #makemoneyonline and #entrepreneurship. These two tags can help you gather a larger base of users.

A description is a must

I have often seen people using just social hashtags for their post updates. I personally think this is not enough and this often reduces a certain amount of readers. Your content is after all for human beings and not for bots. So, using tags to exemplify is good but also make it a habit to include a bit of language to deliver the basic idea to your viewers.

Structure of the social hashtags

Creating your own style of hashtags is an option, but to capture the best group of audience and the maximum exposure; always try to follow a pattern. Hashtags normally are written in a certain format globally. No camel case (first letter of the word capital) and no hyphens and underscores. Just write all words side by side.

This is the most popular format and followed by millions around the world. In this way, your content would be counted among the most popular content in the whole network.

All right! That’s the best format I follow to enhance my social hashtags implementation. I hope these help you too.