The untold Facebook marketing strategies

The untold Facebook marketing strategies

Facebook is a like a giant on the internet. If you are not on Facebook, you are missing out a larger than life experience I am telling you! Well, if you are in it; you must know, that Facebook offers a huge platform for advertisers to promote their products to the billions of users around the world.

Well, I am just a blogger myself and would narrate some of the simplest yet powerful methods of advertising and promoting your content on Facebook. All these methods of Facebook marketing are free and require absolutely no price (I prefer to do the free ones for myself).

Advertising in Facebook is a different section altogether. It requires a price and has campaigns and budgets and so on. I would not call these advertising strategies, thus. It is more kind of a promotional strategy where you release your content to a heavy group of users who increase your website traffic significantly.

Facebook marketing becomes easy with these steps and I can guarantee you would get results soon enough.

The first few steps of a proper Facebook marketing campaign

One of the most untold and unused concept among several marketers on Facebook is the power of networking. I believe that the more I have leads, the more I can promote. So, a hefty friend list plays a powerful role in marketing.

If you are a sole individual and promoting your own blog or content; your friends should be the first one to connect to your content. That way you already get a huge audience out of nothing.

Always remember, you might have 10 friends in your list, but they have 10 more with each of them. So, whenever one of your friends likes your material; it reaches to 10 more. That’s a powerful strategy to follow always.

Increase your friends’ list, but obviously I am not asking you to go on adding as many unknown people as you can. That can be quite pathetic.

Having a brand page is quite common for Facebook marketing campaigns. Creating pages has become very popular and then sharing photos, videos, promotions, etc.

But, have you thought ever that these materials only reach people who have already liked your page. What if you have just created a Facebook page and need fans? The updates only reach to people who are already fans of your page.

In this case, what I learnt recently from another fantastic blogger was that, you should tag your page’s name in some of your own posts from time to time. What happens in this situation is just awesome. Your page might have 10 fans, but you might have 100 friends. When your page gives an update, it reaches only 10; but your update reaches 100. So, if you give the update in favor of your page and tag it simultaneously; there’s a heavy chance of increasing traffic and also fans for your page.

Facebook also has the added hover mechanism. This enables users to just hover over the page name tag and like the page instantly. This is one powerful Facebook marketing plan that can never go wrong.

So, tag your Facebook page in personal posts.


Another powerful mechanism is inter-connecting between the several networks. Several users out there are aware of this but seldom do they use it. Whenever you are linking one account to another, you are increasing your chances of getting noticed.

Inter-linking of social networks enables you to increase your fan base. The concept is that, you might have followers largely active on Pinterest but your Facebook page is not quite happening. So, as soon as you link the two together, posts get exchanged between the networks and the active users from Pinterest might start following you on Facebook too.

Another important aspect of professional Facebook marketing is that we often might not find enough time to share recent posts on all social networks. One option is using plugins on WordPress that automate sharing. But, if that is not your option, then try linking your accounts. In this way, when you share on Pinterest, it gets shared to Twitter and then to Facebook, and so on. Syncing with other networks is a great Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook marketing with the help of comments

Commenting is a great source of traffic for your Facebook Page. I learned this recently myself while traversing through other Facebook pages. Other brand pages from your domain also post photos and videos and share updates.

One of the most effective Facebook marketing techniques is to read these updates from various pages and try putting down a comment. Obviously do not spam with loads of comments on each post. As you start commenting on these updates, your comment reaches to each user on Facebook who has liked that particular page.

Remember; switch your user to being as your page. Now, start commenting. The several users who have liked that page will get updates and thus know about your page also.

So commenting on updates from high profile pages earns you a large exposure for your own page.

Try these as your own Facebook marketing options and let me know about the results in the comment section.

  • it was great reading your insight on the organic growths of a facebook page, but from experience and observations all i can say is, your approach might be a win win for a non profit social engaging page, but if you see from the business perspective, the success of a page in sufficing the objective depends on applying the proper mix of all the organic and paid approach, which will help you reach your target audience :)
    Because at the end every facebook marketeer needs to ask himself the simple questions “what will I do with these many like on my page” “how will these fanbase help me generate leads/sales”

    • Thanks @dipanjanroy:disqus for dropping by and reading my article. Your concept is correct, no doubt. But my article was for people who prefer doing social marketing without paid campaigns (low budget businesses).
      Moreover, the questions you mentioned in the last section is true. But bloggers and small business people need fan base for creating more traffic to their main website. That’s the concept.
      Anyways. Your points were good and I appreciate that you took so much time to analyze my article content.
      Thanks a lot !

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