Triberr plugin setup in WordPress – step by step guide

Triberr plugin setup in WordPress – step by step guide

Triberr plugin setup in WordPress is really important for you; if you are planning to get your next 1000 visitors from Triberr each month.

WordPress plugin installations are really easy. However, if you are still not so sure about it, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

Read how you can install a WordPress plugin quickly without any hassles or professional help. It also contains a video for quick understanding.

How to get Triberr API key?

If you are not yet on Triberr, get a Triberr account and start earning thousands of traffic from them.

Triberr plugin setup is very effective for bloggers and also for internet marketers who are working on individual websites.

I have mentioned the advantages of Triberr marketing in this article. Have a look and learn how you could effectively use Triberr bonfires, Triberr tribes and also get chances to guest blog on some of the top blogs on the internet.

To get started, you must have a Triberr plugin setup. Triberr plugin setup procedure makes it mandate to avail an API key from the Triberr website.

Read on to know how to get an API key after your account is live.

Triberr plugin setup in WordPress using their API key

Triberr has a fantastic feature. If you link a blog and set it up using their plugin, Triberr will automatically pull in new posts from that blog whenever they are published.

For that, you need to setup Triberr plugin in WordPress. For this setup, follow the below steps –

Step 1:

Go to your account settings as shown in the picture below. Click on the “Account” link on the top right corner and from the drop down, select “Settings”.

triberr plugin setup in wordpress guide

Step 2:

Once you have clicked on “Settings”, you will see the below page. From here, select the tab “My Blogs”. As of now, you do not have any blogs, so your tab will show nothing – only a blank space.

triberr plugin setup in wordpress guide

For me, it is showing my existing blog entry.

Step 3:

Click on the “add Blog” button to get started with the Triberr plugin setup in WordPress, and linking a blog.

When you click on this button, you will see a popup asking for your Blog name, Blog address, and Blog RSS URL.

triberr plugin setup in wordpress guide

These are the three main required fields by which Triberr will link your blog.

Step 4:

Fill up the details accordingly. I am creating a dummy entry here, since my blog is already linked to Triberr.

Note: Do not provide dummy entries when you are actually doing the Triberr plugin setup. Otherwise verification might fail.

Once the details are provided, your entry will show up in the tab that was previously blank. Something as below –

triberr plugin setup in wordpress guide

Step 5:

Now, as you can see, there are two small links below the blog entry that was just created –

  1. Get Plugin
  2. Show Blog Token

The first link will help you install the Triberr plugin to your WordPress website. Remember, you blog must be built on WordPress only. Otherwise this Triberr plugin setup is of no use to you.

You can click on this link to go the official WordPress website and get the Triberr plugin. Or, you could just get it directly from the link here. P.S. – both the links are same!

I will not detail on installing the plugin. It is just like any other WordPress plugin installation. If you are not so sure, you can take a look at this article on WordPress plugin installation.

Next, click on the second link. This link will popup a small frame containing a unique key generated for you.

Something like the following –

triberr plugin setup in wordpress guide

Copy the code. The next stop is your WordPress dashboard. This is the final step of the Triberr plugin setup.

Step 6:

After your Triberr plugin is installed in WordPress, go to the Triberr settings page.

In the settings page, there is just one text field which asks for your 35 characters key that you obtained from Triberr.

Paste the key here and click on “Save” changes.

triberr plugin setup in wordpress guide

That’s it. The Triberr plugin setup is complete. Now your WordPress is in sync with your Triberr account. Whenever you post something new, it will get automatically pulled into Triberr!

  • Hello Mam,
    Thank you for taking your time out and reading through my blog article. Well, according to my personal experience, I can tell you one thing is that Triberr has some issues with the RSS pull. The section where the collect the RSS URL for your blog, it offers the WP plugin download too, and the worst part is, your RSS does not get collected all the time if the plugin is not installed.
    I would suggest, let your RSS feed link stay where it is. Along with that, do install the WP plugin. If you’ve already installed the plugin, good. No need to remove the RSS link from Triberr.