Triberr marketing for your blog? I hope you know these

Triberr marketing for your blog? I hope you know these

Triberr marketing is one of the most advanced step place for bloggers. I think Triberr marketing is magical if you know the mechanism to make use of it.

Social networking is the key to success for all bloggers in today’s internet world. I think Triberr is playing a perfect role as both a social network and also, powered particularly to target the world of bloggers.

You could say Triberr marketing is kind of like Tumblr, but I would say, it is not true. Triberr has some far more effective and advance ideas when it comes to socializing and building a network through internet marketing.

I will tell you how and what you could do on Triberr marketing that could actually boost your social presence and bring loads of traffic to your website.

First things first: get an account

I have already completed about 20 percent of my speaking in this tutorial, and by now you should have already headed on towards the Triberr signup page and got an account ready for the next action.

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Okay. If some of you have still not done that, here’s some of the very baseline advantages that Triberr marketing can get you instantly –

  1. Triberr offers a perfect WordPress plugin that streams and imports all your posts instantly into your Triberr feed.
  2. Triberr offers you to create your own “tribe”. This is like a group or community in other social networking sites – but there’s a significant difference to it. We’ll discuss more about tribes later in this article.
  3. Triberr has this powerful connecting feature inbuilt (like top social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.) Whenever a post gets imported to Triberr from your blog, you have the power to auto-share it to Twitter or FB.
  4. Triberr marketing offers bloggers with a fantastic opportunity of getting guest post writings. You can either get some bloggers to write for you or you could just get to write for someone else’s blog.

So, where to start on Triberr?

After your account is ready, create a “tribe” first. As I have already mentioned, a tribe is your custom group and a personal space for you on Triberr.

While creating a tribe, Triberr will ask you to link a blog of yours to this tribe. As soon as you link an RSS or Atom source, your tribe wall will start posting those from your blog.

Once you create a tribe, you will be able to invite people into your tribe. The main catch here is that when a person joins your tribe, you will gain in a lot of ways –

  1. Each of your tribe mate will have their individual blogs, so lots of content will be published each day into your tribe wall. Engagement is the key to any marketing strategy.
  2. Triberr counts the “reach” of every user. So, the more tribes you join, the more your reach will be; because your post will be published on each of these tribe walls.

So, vice-versa, if you get some tribe mates who have some very good reach, your content will reach to a vast amount of audience.

What’s a Triberr Bonfire?

Basically, as the name suggests, a bonfire on Triberr is kind of an event that can have multiple Triberr users participating in it.

Bonfires offer good resources for Bloggers. This is another very interesting part of Triberr marketing.

  1. TribeUps – Getting into high profile tribes.
  2. Guest Posts – either you apply or find people to write for you.

The above two are the main attraction of Bonfires on Triberr. If you think want to go for joining more Tribes or want to market your own tribes to other Triberr users, then TribeUps would help you.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, bonfires would help you do both – either you connect with people who want you to write posts on their websites or you could just advertise for your own need.

Triberr marketing connected to WordPress

WordPress has a plugin for almost everything. It has for Triberr also. If you are a WordPress blogger, you can directly feed in your post as soon as they published, into your Triberr account with the help of this plugin.

Just install the plugin like any other plugin installation in WordPress. Once done, just go to the respective plugin settings page. There, you will be asked to provide an API key. This API key, you will have to get from Triberr. You can look into this article from the Triberr blog about getting the API key.

triberr marketing for your blog i hope you know the reasons

Once you supply the API key and save the settings, your posts will automatically move to your Triberr feed as soon as you publish.

That’s all about the effective tips for Triberr marketing. Try yourself and let me know your experience in the comments section.

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