Sugar CRM and Google map integration

Sugar CRM and Google map integration

Sugar CRM is one of the most primitive and popular CRM solutions based on PHP. If you have ever worked on this platform, you would know that customization happens to be a major part of these open source codes. Clients require heavy amounts of customizations in terms of modules, themes, etc.

Sugar CRM basics

One of the most basic approaches to Sugar CRM is the interface that is provided. Simple solutions like changing data fields, field names, adding custom modules, etc. can be done from this interface itself. However, some require complex coding solutions. The Sugar CRM structure is built in PHP, Smarty and MySQL. In order to get a good grip of core codes, you must be a confident programming person. Otherwise, it’s advisable that you let it alone.

Sugar CRM setup for Google Map

Google maps are very common nowadays. Implementing Google maps in official matters are really very important. It gives a boost to the client-partner relationship. Sugar CRM is an important application for client management. So, wouldn’t it be nice if your address field had a corresponding map location instantly generated?

The procedure is very simple. Assuming that you have already installed the Sugar CRM application, just follow these steps.

Go to Admin link. A huge set of options will appear in a list format. Scroll down the page. You will see an option named Studio under developer tools section; click on this. In the next page, click on Contacts and then Fields. Now, you will see a list of all the default fields that are present in the Contact module. Click on Add field and a window will appear wherein you must fill in the details of the new field.

Data type: IFrame

Field Name: Map

Display Label: Map

System Label: (auto generated)

Help Text and Comment Text: (blank)

Generate URL: (checked)

Default value:{primary_address_street},{primary_address_city},{primary_address_state},{primary_address_postalcode},{primary_address_country}&output=embed

Max size: 255

IFrame height: 200

Required field and Audit: (unchecked)

Importable: No

Duplicate Merge: Disabled


Save the above configuration. Now, once again click on the Admin link. Go to Studio and then Contacts. Click on Layouts and then on Detail View and a window will appear. In this Sugar CRM window, we shall place our new created field. So, from the left pane, drag a new row and drop it after the address field row. Now scroll down the left pane and you will see the new Map field. Drag the map field on the new row. Click on Save and the on Save and Deploy.

Our Sugar CRM integration for Google Map is complete. Now create a new contact, supply an address and save it. Once you view the new contact, you will be able to see the map generated.


Sugar crm google map integration - A 100 Web Solutions



Here’s a shot of what the results would look like. So take your first step towards Sugar CRM with Google Maps.

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