Blog marketing strategies you didn’t think of

Blog marketing strategies you didn’t think of

Your blog requires a lot of love from the readers. Without your readers love, you are writing absolutely vague; without any purpose. So, I have thought of jotting down the best ways you can actually get people to know about your write-ups and content – the best marketing strategies for your blog.

I have been roaming around the internet for a while, searching for several blogs that display and demonstrate social media networking techniques and promotion methods. Of late, social marketing and social network marketing strategies have been of special interest to me and, I am just falling in love with the concept with the passing days.

So, where to start? Just think. You write an article and what do you do next? If you are a successful blogger already, then it is no new story to you that promotion of your newly created matter matters a lot!

Automated marketing strategies?

Automated marketing strategies are easy to implement. You might have heard of creating feeds and newsletters. If you have an RSS feed subscribing option on your website or an email subscribing option; you have a great option to showcase your newly published article to the existing subscribers.

A study suggests that readers prefer subscribing to feeds rather than visiting your site to check updates. If your content is good and helpful; users would love to read more from you.

So, it is a mandate to keep some form of a subscription wherein you collect a mailing list for your next articles to be sent.

Marketing strategies involving social networks

Social networks are really popular when we speak of internet marketing strategies. Some of the top social networks are behaving as a huge platform for content promotion nowadays.

Pinterest has become very interesting. You won’t believe the response I received from Pinterest when I started using it from my own blog promotion. Pinterest has a huge benefit – pictures. Images do a lot of the job that text never do. If you have an interesting content, make the image even more interesting and throw it into the Pinterest world. See the returns for yourself.

Twitter and Facebook have always been giants in the social world. If you are still unaware of Facebook marketing, here’s a quick overview. Start off by creating a page and start promoting links to your blog. Facebook has an option to invite people to like your page. Remember, as soon as someone likes your page, your page updates will be visible to that person.

Also, Facebook’s latest mechanism implements a system that if a user likes your page’s status update; then all of his/her friends will be viewing that like. So, that’s a great advantage. Your content is getting more and more exposure.

Google Plus and LinkedIn are just a step behind, but they too have quite a deal of significance in social marketing and internet marketing strategies.

Just after this, I would suggest StumbleUpon and Tumblr. That’s it. You need no more.

For all of the above mentioned platforms, remember that marketing requires some extra edge. So, never forget to keep in mind the following –

  1. Always create a great looking cover photo for pages in Facebook and Google Plus and your Pinterest Board. Create an image that says best about your brand and also quickly draws the attention of the viewer.
  2. Always join groups and public boards. Make use of the huge collection of people that are present in these networks. You will never be able to showcase your work to such a huge amount of people apart from social places.
  3. Always use hashtags. Hashtags have a great importance in terms of searches that users make all round the day. Select interesting hashtags and popular, hyped hashtags. Do not stick to same boring ones.
  4. Use @ and + while mentioning people. Mentioning people in your network is a good way to communicate. It shows that you care and want them to be involved in your activity and want them to share their views.
  5. Increase, increase and increase – your network. Connect to more and more people each day. Don’t just go on connecting arbitrarily. Connect with people form your field- as much as possible.

uncommon yet effective blog marketing strategies

Marketing strategies that require networking

These marketing strategies involve getting into blogger forums and blogger communities. You can connect specifically with other bloggers and ask them to review your blog and write-up. Indiblogger is one such platform for Indian bloggers specifically. I personally use it and think it is awesome.

This promotion is a direct one. You know someone in person, maybe had a hangout together through Google Plus or had a chat on Facebook; and you ask him/her to review your new write-up.

This is especially more helpful because the other person might like your writing and offer a link back to you from his/her website. That will bring some PR juice to your site and also some more exposure.

Benefits of implementing proper marketing strategies

Marketing strategies are always helpful; in fact they are necessary. Without proper promotion your blog would suffer from loneliness. No one to visit, absolutely no traffic; becomes useless. I think the above mentioned points would help you out. If you have some more ideas, you are most welcome to share them with me in the comments!