Social media cardinals to create a positive outreach

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  • September 13, 2014
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Social media cardinals to create a positive outreach

Social media happens to be the biggest platform for reaching out to millions of people worldwide. Nowadays, even the biggest brands focus more on internet branding than offline methods.

The reason is simple. Social media provides maximum outreach to selected and targeted traffic. Social media helps build a strong and loyal user base because of the intelligent form of marketing.

Some of the top notch qualities of social media outreach are –

  1. Social media reaches out to more than millions of people worldwide each day.
  2. Audience varies in the form of diverse demography and age. So that’s awesome!
  3. Targeting audience becomes easy. You can filter your target audience using intelligent social media tools on various networks.
  4. Since you get people with a variety of mindsets – offering new ideologies and new product variations work quickly.

So what’s the big deal about social media marketing?

Well, cardinals and manners are very important at every aspect of your life. Even while playing a game, your discipline and regulations sets you different from your competitors.

Social media is a delicate platform. People love to find new connections and connect to diverse personalities. But, you must learn your etiquette before leaping forward.

My personal experience in blogging is around 2 and half years now. The first 1 and half year has been very poor and insignificant. I call it poor in terms of my own efforts. I started it as a hobby and was way too relaxed about it. I later realized that it wasn’t something I should be too relaxed about. At least, if I wanted to reach the heights my co-bloggers were achieving.

Last year I learnt the power of social media. I was highly motivated by the amount of followers some of the top bloggers earn from social following.

Harleena Singh was my first idol in terms of building social media following and leads. She is the proud owner of the super popular blog Aha!NOW Life Blog. The amount of traffic she generates from social media is awesome. Just one big reason – she believes in fantastic communication skills while meeting new people each day on the Internet.

Another top motivator for me was Kim Garst. She’s such a role model for all bloggers out there. She herself is a social media expert and believes in creating powerful network options on all major social media platforms.

Ileane Smith has also influenced me largely of late. In fact, I have learnt two very important aspects from her about generating traffic to a blog. She runs her blog at Basic Blog Tips and has a huge social media following.  She is also a master communicator. Her videos speak of how much quality she can bring out while relating to an audience.

So what are the social media cardinals?

I have learnt a lot from these people. I follow them day in day out and frankly speaking; I have witnessed the change in returns. Whatever I used to do (or I should say whatever I was not doing previously) had a very low return in terms of social response. Now, I can see the change in front of my eyes.


Here’s my cardinal list for all of you –

  1. Communicate and make the person feel that he or she is important

Making a person feel that he or she is important is the best you can do. You should always reply back to comments on your blog or PMs on social media platforms. All major social platforms support tagging people. Whenever someone refers to you – refer back to him or her.

       2.  Don’t behave like a spammer. Behave humanly to new followers or email leads

Stop sending spam replies to email signups and new followers. Stop using those plugins. Instead take some time out to find out who has following you today or subscribed to your email campaign. Find that out and write personally to them. That gives a good impression and shows that you care.

       3.  Mention social media friends and their work in your status updates

People love to see their names. So, whenever you write something on the social platform don’t forget to put in the names of related people. Social media is magic. These people will love it and will return the favor sometime later.

       4.  Follow back and show that you are interested in them as well

Just like you love to be followed, they love it too. So, whenever someone follows you on a social media platform; try to return the favor (unless of course the profile is absolutely nonsense or vague). Study says that whenever you follow back someone and thank them for their following – you gain an extra level of confidence in them. They will now share and retweet you content even more.

       5.  Be positive about your mood on social media networks

Never expose the dull and angry side of yours on social networks. Your followers or even others won’t tolerate that. Comments on other blogs and as well as your blog play a vital role. Your comments will show what personality you are. So, never write in a rough mood. Handle situations intelligently and never show your temper.

This was my experience and mentality shared with you. I am sure some of you have related quite well and others might want to share something of their own…I am waiting for your views in the comments section.

  • Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    These are great cardinal rules to live by when it comes to social media. I truly think the most important is to recognize the hard work people put into posts by reading and commenting but it is equally important for bloggers to respond to their readers..

    • @suzannerudgemaplemousemama:disqus you are absolutely right. Realizing the hard work of someone is the most you can do. Thanks for taking your time out and commenting.

  • dmhyf

    Thanks for these tips. Definitely a blogger acting like a spammer is such a bummer. Also always keep positive is true! I try to be positive even for trolls.

    • @dmhyf:disqus absolutely! I follow the same rule. Whatever troll it is, I accept it with a smile. Thanks for commenting. :)

  • Social media reaches the world in real time. It’s important to check your contents and be sensitive.

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    With many tools now available to communicate and engage with readers and followers, one should really know how to maximize their uses and create positive outreach. I follow everyone who publish interesting posts.

    • @rochkirstinsantos:disqus thanks so much. Yes tools for social media are numerous. You just got to give in some time and put in your best.

  • Hina Naz

    No doubt its very interesting post. Communication is the most powerful tool. xx

    • @disqus_8AFWQiLq0q:disqus thank you. Thank you for commenting and suggesting a view of your own. I appreciate. :)

  • Loudthinkin

    Valid and practical points! Thanks for sharing from your experience!

    • @loudthinkin:disqus thank you so much and thanks for taking time to read my post and comment on it. :)

  • Katrina Centeno

    With social media, it is important to show some personality when interacting. Spamming would only do you harm than good. Besides, interacting with like-minded individuals is fun.

    • @Katrina Centeno exactly! Having a view and suggestion and comments related to the content shows that you at least gave some importance to the writer’s hard work.

  • Tim

    Excellent post and I totally agree with you on your favorite bloggers. All of them generate massive amounts of traffic and, like you, I hope to emmulate them one day.

    • Thanks @TimocFTSB:disqus. I have highly gained from them and loved to refer to their hard work. I hope you learn from them too. Thanks for taking time to comment on my blog. :)

  • Tiffany Yong

    These are nice and useful tips for social media users. However, to me, 1 main problem is how people are not willing to leave comments and interact. They will usually read and forget…

    • @tiffanyyong:disqus you are very right. I have had several articles that people just read and went away. No comments at all. Neither positive nor negative. That’s really frustrating! By the way, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! :)

  • papaleng

    Very interesting info and sound tips. Yes, an active interaction with others in the field is a must one.

  • Harleen singh is the inspiration for all the india bloggers, I agree with you my friend, and you have present a good scenario about social media

    • Yes absolutely @bhilwaranews:disqus. Harleena Singh is a master in the field and she is truly an inspiration. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)

  • A great article spam is a big issue on social media channels

  • Nowadays, every business organizaion must be aware of social media as anoher phase of business endeavor.

    • @fernandoceballoslachica:disqus you are right. Business brands online are targeting social media for higher percentages of return. Social media can always produce a huge lead base that no other form of marketing can achieve.
      Thanks for commenting. :)

  • Manu Kalia

    In this generation, Social Media Marketing is a must if you have a business

  • Jam Daquio

    My traffic is not as awesome.. and I find it difficult to have more likes from people. I mean, I only get likes from the people I personally know. I also want to have different audience as well. COngrats to you that you learn from your blogger friends a lot :)

  • I’m very new to blogging too. I started in 2008 and my work blog has great traffic but now I’m trying to start on my personal ones. It’s really challenging and there’s just so much info out there, it can be really tough getting people to notice a newbie. Here’s wishing us plenty of luck and perseverance!

    • @hannizenvato:disqus blogging is truly a test of patience. If you jump out in the middle, you’re literally thrown out forever. So, keep tight and hold on for years to come. It will definitely pay off.

  • phyaboo

    Wow, it’s great that the Social Media Cardinals helped improve your traffic. I’m using your tips to improve mine.

    • @phyaboo:disqus thanks. I hope you follow these and get great results. Thanks for commenting! :)

  • Roberts

    Hi, I am Vanessa Ally. I respect Harleena so much because she has the patience to reply to all the 300 comments per post that she usually gets. I never have that patience myself. She also posts in so many fb groups after she is done with a new post, that requires diligence and consistency as well. I like your blog, too. It is great you pay tribute to other fellow bloggers.

    • @disqus_wAbQzo6hmO:disqus this is one thing that you have mentioned perfectly. Harleena is so specific about replying to all commentators on her blog. She does it regularly and so ethically. She has her own forum where she spends enough time, she has the different social channels, etc. So much work but she does it perfectly. I really respect her and hope I can become like her one day…
      Thanks @Roberts for loving my blog. :) and special thanks for taking time to read and commenting.

  • Hire a well trained assistant and you’d look fabulous in social media. We forget how time consuming it can get. The top players have people working to keep them connected. That’s a goal to aspire to.

    • @disqus_b517aZI2rI:disqus I like your suggestion. But I really wonder whether a person working for me would be as efficient and caring towards my work… By the way thanks for dropping by and commenting. :)

  • spamming is the annoying thing on social media but yes social media has such an impact these days

  • Rebecca Wong

    Thanks for sharing. I really learn a few tips from here. I’m still very new to the blogging world, and I like what you shared! ^_^

    • Thank you @rebecca_wong:disqus I hope this adds to your learning. Thanks for taking time to read and comment :)

  • Rachael

    A very insightful post! Very useful especially for someone starting out!

    • @disqus_pz3BnYP5K8:disqus thank you. Have a great week ahead.

  • Kyril Soulx

    Thanks for sharing~ But there are alot of people still using spam as their main source to gain traffic

  • Hi Kaustav,

    Let me start by thanking you for the kind mention – much appreciated :)

    Coming to the post, you are SO right in all that you wrote. Social media does work like magic, provided you use it the right way. Just as the word suggests, social means to socialize – it is all about people, sharing their posts, reaching out and connecting with them, giving more than you receive. I’ve always believed in this and done it, so I know it works.

    Just as you know, social media and blog commenting are the main two criteria for the success of my blog (whatever little there is), and they have always worked for me, and I am sure they would for anyone else too. Your points are so apt – yes, communicate with the person and connect with them, and don’t stop yourself from sharing the posts of others, something I find missing with many bloggers – I wonder why?!! Sharing is caring…isn’t it? And you don’t loose anything when you share :)

    Thanks once again for this wonderful post. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Thank you @Harleena:disqus. Mam you are so right and once again you have ushered your communicative brilliance through this comment too. People who follow you regularly can actually collect loads in return.

      Thank you for taking time to read my post and you too have a great time ahead in this week. I tried to share this post in your forum through my profile. But somehow, after pressing the button the post is not showing up. I will try again.

      • Thank you for your kind words Kaustav :)

        Let me know if the problem persists as other members are able to share it on the community. Do try it again, perhaps from a different browser. Thanks :)

  • Hi Kaustav,

    Social media is a great source to connect with others and brand our business to them. If we go on a right track with social media then it will surely give us the positive outreach.

    I know Harleena mam and Ileane Smith but, didn’t heard about Kim Gars. Thanks for introducing her.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful article. I enjoyed reading it.

    Have a good day!

    • You are right @disqus_5rkODw0DWy:disqus and thanks for visiting my blog and reading the post.
      Have a great weekend ! :)