Benefits of a Pinterest account

Benefits of a Pinterest account

Social media marketing has been a prime target for internet marketers nowadays. Major social networking websites have been deemed as the best sources of referral traffic. 

Pinterest account promotions were not so appealing to me. Initially, I thought that Pinterest was some website full of pictures; and people would barely love to visit that. Well, I was super wrong and you could absolutely be very angry on me for that!

Later, one day I came across a very interesting article, rather video by a reputed blogger – Ileane Smith. She also shared a post on Pinterest marketing – Time for you to get serious with your Pinterest promotions.

After reading this post, I was very excited and instantly decided to create an account on Pinterest and start promoting my blog.

Pinterest has an interface that is all about pictures. This has a very interesting and effective mechanism of relating with users. People love to view content in the form of images. The more images you give, the more attractive your blog material would look like.

A Pinterest account has this very useful tool already built inside it. Whatever you share requires an image, and all your followers would view it just that way.

Concepts of a Pinterest account

The idea is simple. All posts from your website need to be pinned to your board. Boards are nothing but sections or stacks of your content. Users create boards to segregate posts and pins into similar accounts.

Each board can have numerous pins. Whenever you post a pin, you’ll be given the option to select the board.

It is best to create boards sensibly for your Pinterest account. Boards must be directly linked to the concept or content you are sharing. Once your board name gives an idea to the other users, they would instantly like to follow you.

Always create boards with names related to the material you are sharing. Suppose you write or promote content on social media. So, your Pinterest account boards must depict that.

Pinterest account expandable options

Pinterest offers some interesting extensions to its features. One of the main features is the public or shared board facility. When you create a board, you can bring in more users from the ones who follow you to contribute to that particular board.

This might sound very simple and useless. But, this has a very good scope. Remember, as soon as you are adding one contributor more to your board, you are actually implementing two positive moves for your account –

  1. Your board will receive more frequent pins because they would come from all the contributors and not just you.
  2. As soon as someone becomes a contributor to this board, he or she adds the board to her account as well. So, naturally her followers would also view this board updates. So, now your own posts have got a larger audience.

Another important feature is the rich pins facility. This is a special facility that Pinterest offers. Rich pins create a different type of appearance for your pins. They have an image, meta tags, keywords and a read more link with some excerpt. All this happens when your blog posts are pinned. But of course, your content must have meta tags, images, etc. to enable the features of a rich pin.

Here’s a great resource for WordPress bloggers to know more on adding rich pins – How to add rich pins for articles to your WordPress blogs.

Well, if you are still not on Pinterest; I would suggest go right now and start promoting your stuff.

  • The most important benefit of Pinterest is its being new. Those who interact more at it will be its influencers and will have more and more followers because of relative lesser competition.

    • Hi @Mubami:disqus .. thanks for dropping by my blog. You are right. Pinterest is new, and developing each day. So, the more we indulge into Pinterest marketing, the more returns we get.

  • Hi Kaustav,

    Pinterest is addictive! Once you are on it, it’s tough to limit your time and get away, and it surely IS an important social media platform, everyone must be on :)

    Not to mention, that some of my older posts still get me traffic every single day from it because your posts stay the longest there, as compared to Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform. Some have even crossed the 2000 mark (pins) per post, and it drives me the maximum traffic to my blog, followed by Facebook, and G+.

    However, just as other social media platforms, you must share each others posts more, as compared to just sharing your own, that’s what gets you more followers and shares. :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Thanks a lot @Harleena:disqus for dropping by my blog.. i am overjoyed to see someone of your caliber stop by my article.
      Your thoughts are really good, and yes I know Pinterest has a huge scope. In fact, I myself was unaware of what Pinterest marketing could do. I came by an excellent article by Ileane Smith. She showed how excellent Pinterest was in increasing traffic.
      Once again…thanks a ton for making my article so special with your precious comments :)