Set your own WordPress Admin image on a website

Set your own WordPress Admin image on a website

I fought with this for quite a long time. I am working with WordPress for quite some time now and I always wondered how I could get my own image displayed at the drop down menu in the WordPress Admin section.

A WordPress admin image is the image which is displayed beside your WP username. I tried to figure out whether there was some place where I could just edit my profile like Twitter or Facebook and get my image uploaded.

To my biggest disappointment, there was no such place. WordPress offers a page to edit your profile entities like admin email, password, website name, website address, username, nickname, your bio, etc. But, they do not give you the option to directly upload a WordPress admin image.

 Why the WordPress admin image was becoming very important to me

Anything new I see within the coding domain, the internet turns on my enthusiasm. Especially, when I see that something is within my reach of implementation, I grow more curious towards its execution.

WordPress admin image was something that was really getting over my head for quite some time now. I came across a website of one of my clients where the WP installation was already done before I started further modifications.

When I first visited his website, I instantly saw an image being displayed at the drop down section on the header. That was awesome because until then I had never seen a WP website admin with a wordpress admin image on it. I used to see the default shadow image and used to think that maybe the option to show images does not work well.

I was heavily wrong I admit and I am sorry for that. Read on to know how the idea first struck my head.


The clue I found for putting up a WordPress admin image

A clue was sufficient for me to understand how WordPress was delivering those images. Considering the fact that I am deep down under the Internet waves all day long, it did not take me much time to figure out the solution once I got this excellent clue.

It happened so, that my client was having some troubles with his default email id. So, he asked me to change the WordPress default email id which he provide during the installation procedure, with another email id. I did; and instantly all my questions were answered.

The wordpress admin image was gone and the default image started showing up. Once the image was gone, I knew exactly how to put a wordpress admin image (okay now that was ironical).

How to setup your own WordPress admin image

You must be wondering around with this question from the very beginning. I know you are tired of hearing my sad old story. Well sorry about that. Let’s proceed immediately to the main thing.

Gravatar is responsible for providing the WordPress admin image on various wordpress powered websites. I got this clue suddenly when the email was changed. As soon as the image was changed, the picture disappeared. This is because Gravatar only provides images to Gravatar registered email ids. It was evident, that the second email id I pushed in for my client was not registered with Gravatar.

Gravatar, or Globally Recognized Avatar, is a web application that creates a universal image profile for you linking your primary email id with a particular image. So, whoever uses the Gravatar API, will automatically pull your image from the Gravatar server whenever you use your Gravatar registered email id.

Matt Mullenweg founder of Automattic, created both WordPress and Gravatar (and many more of course), so the latter anticipate each other quite well. Your WordPress installation expects that the email id you provide is registered with Gravatar. That is how the wordpress admin image is expected to be pulled.

So, when you are installing WordPress you must provide an email id that is registered with Gravatar if you want to have a look at your image while working on your WP website.

What if I have already installed my WordPress with a non-Gravatar email id?

I did the same. But, I still have my wordpress admin image smiling at me whenever I use my blog admin section. So don’t worry. It is possible to get it adjusted later.

Here’ what you must do.

  1. Head straight to the Gravatar website and create an account for yourself. Gravatar does not expect multiple accounts if you already have a WordPress account. Just login with your WordPress account then.
  2. They’ll ask you to put an email id of your choice. Put the email id you use the most. This will also be your new WordPress admin email id for your website where you want your wordpress admin image to be displayed.
  3. Now upload a picture. Do not upload something beyond their guidelines. You might land into trouble. Just upload your own image or logo of your company/blog. After this, you’ll be asked to rate your image. Carefully read their criterion and rate your image accordingly.
  4. Your Gravatar account is all set. Head back to WordPress and go to the top right corner settings drop down. Select “edit my profile”. Once the page opens up, in the email field replace the existing email id with the one you just registered in Gravatar.
  5. That’s it! Your image will now show up.

And yes, do not worry. This does not at all affect your website or any other settings. Enjoy!

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