Reddit Ghost Ban avoiding during Reddit marketing

Reddit Ghost Ban avoiding during Reddit marketing

Reddit Ghost Ban is a common occurrence for several Reddit users. Reddit is a fantastic source of traffic with its huge user base. Several Reddit marketers, however, fail to follow the guidelines set by the admins. As a result, they end up in getting a ban on their profile. The Reddit Ghost Ban is very absurd for users to identify. On the very first place, you would never realize that your account has been seized or banned. Everything seems so normal. But unfortunately when you are banned your posts and updates shall not be visible to others on Reddit.

So basically, the Reddit ghost ban creates no nuisance for the user itself. The user continues to think that he or she is a registered member of the website. I am so knowledgeable about this because I am going through a Reddit ghost ban myself.

How I identified my Reddit ghost ban?

I realized it first when my Google analytics report started falling in the social referral section. Reddit is a master contributor to traffic and will quickly give you great returns if you follow their steps usefully. However, I forgot to look up their rule book and ended up having a ban on my account.

In my initial Reddit marketing days, I was acquiring at least 15-20 visits per day. Suddenly, I saw that my other social networks were becoming more active and Reddit was dropping. I thought maybe I needed to do more campaign son Reddit and started searching new and effective means on the Internet. I worked hard and invested more and more time on Reddit.

Gradually, I started realizing that no matter how much effort I put in my returns were not increasing. I was getting very demoralized because several other bloggers were gaining so much from Reddit. I started searching for more helpful articles that gave tips on Reddit marketing.

From one such article, I found out that connecting with Facebook users on Facebook groups is a good idea to boost other social media. So, I started searching for groups on Facebook that promotes Reddit posts. This is when I came to know that my account was suffering from a Reddit ghost ban.

My Reddit account when I logged in and viewed it –


My Reddit account to others –


I was totally unaware of what a Reddit ghost ban was. It was some kind of a ban, but what was it? Well, here’s what I gathered all about it –

  1. When I started using the Facebook group, I posted one of my posts for people to up vote on Reddit. I wanted more “link karma” on Reddit for better traffic.
  2. One of the co-members of the group told me that the “page URL was showing errors – not found”.
  3. Another person told me that my account was suspended and so there was nothing for others to upvote.
  4. I visited the link instantly, and was seeing the page intact. The page was well visible. I told them that they were having problems on their side. But one of the members told me that he was sure my account was blocked and that the URL couldn’t be reached.
  5. I quickly created another account and visited my registered profile URL. I was shocked. It was really blocked and showing some error.

So, I could make out few things from this –

  1.   Reddit ghost ban does not make the user aware of it. Maybe this is their method of stopping users from creating multiple profiles /       spamming.

              I think this to be their method of preventing spam account creation. The reason for this is there are very few people who would actually realize that their account has been banned. SO, if they do not know about it; why would they create new accounts? Usually Internet users tend to do this. Whenever they see an account blocked they create a new one.

        2    All your profile links become invisible when you face a Reddit ghost ban. No one would able to see them except you.

     3.  All you points and “karma” are gone forever. Because the admins at Reddit do not have the sympathy to re-activate ghost banned accounts.

        4.  Any normal activity in your account can be done. You would never feel that your work has been disturbed in any way.

      5.  That’s the magic. That is why they call it a Reddit ghost ban. The reason is your account will behave like a ghost. Visible to yourself and invisible to others.

So, how do we avoid a Reddit ghost ban?

The answers are not so simple!

Yes I know, you expected me to write – the answer is simple…but you see, I haven’t written that.

Reddit offers a few rules for new users to follow. Now if you think that you would not get hurt if you follow these rules; you’re partially mistaken.

Following these rules is extremely mandatory (I am suffering because I missed one of them). However, I have seen forums where several people have complained that even after abiding by all rules, they suffered a Reddit ghost ban.

The most amusing part of this article is that I am suffering from a Reddit ghost ban and I can offer no solution for curing it. LOL.

I have traversed through several forums and articles, and people have said you could contact the admins for getting your Reddit ghost ban lifted. I did. But, I can assure you like the several others on these forums, that the Reddit admins do not re-instantiate your account.

So what’s the solution when we are banned?

You have two possible options, very frankly –

  1. Create a new fresh account, and this time, make sure you know the Reddit rules well. Have a look at the Reddit FAQ as well.    
  2. The other thing you can do is keep sending apology mails to the Reddit admins. Contact the admin people and see if they rescue you.

Well, that’s all from me. I would love to know from all you experienced and expert bloggers out there. Is there some other solution to get rid of a Reddit ghost ban? Please do share your knowledge in comments.

  • Hi Kaustav,

    Informative post indeed :)

    Never heard of such a ban and I loved the name you gave it – so apt! Sorry to hear about your account being banned too, and I am glad you wrote about it to make us all aware.

    Honestly speaking, I am not all that active on Reddit, except taking out a little time so share my posts there – I hardly visit the site, though I know it has great scope. But as you mentioned, you can never know about the ban unless someone else checks your account and let’s you know of it, which is strange. I feel at least the admins can email or notify you that you made some error or didn’t follow the rules – imagine getting to know of it from others!

    Nevertheless, thanks for letting us know all the details, and I hope your ban is lifted soon, though perhaps you can create a new account and start all over again. Have a nice weekend :)

    BTW – I hope you got my message I just sent you from the community forum :)

    • Thank you so much @Harleena:disqus

      Reddit is really useful and gives lots of traffic.At least for the time I used it, I realized how beneficial it was. Thanks for visiting and taking out time to read my post.

      I am really thankful to you Mam that you have notified me of such an important thing. Loads of thanks!

  • Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    Wow, I never knew this could happen! I think it is pretty sneaky that they don’t let you know so you can fix it. At least Google does that..

    • Yes @suzannerudgemaplemousemama:disqus, this actually happens and I was shocked too at the beginning. Hope it helps! :)

  • This one is new to me! I have used Reddit a lot in the past but try to spend my time on several channels now and it seems to be working for my newest blog. thanks for sharing such valuable and well written information and hope you don’t firnyourself with a Reddit ghost ban any time soon.

    • @growhort:disqus yes it’s awful you know. Thanks for the compliments though and thanks for dropping by and commenting. Have a great day! :)

  • I heard that Reddit is useful in traffic generation but never used it, but the ghost ban seem an interesting thing, because no platform follow this kind of ban without letting you know

    • Yes this is unique with Reddit. Even I have never seen this kind of a ban in other platforms. Thanks for commenting. :)

  • Just now I know this kind of ban. Reddit has a wide array of linking and it’s good for traffic. Try to check my account. Thank you so much for the info.

  • Tim

    I have found a very similar thing with LinkedIn and it took a long while before I could get back on and post again. And according to the rules I had not broken any. I think it sucks that no explanation is given.

    • Yes, it really is very disappointing when you are not given proper answers and just blocked off for nothing. Very annoying. Anyways, your comment is much appreciated! :)

  • Tiffany Yong

    Wow… Are the rules in Reddit hard to follow? Because if there are many people following it and yet getting banned, then it must be quite rigid. Is Reddit an absolute necessity to get on? Because I thought you might get more results by sending and sharing your links elsewhere?

    • Actually the rules are not tough to follow. The main factor is that they have very minute and specific rules which you might miss out at times. If your are on the track following their rules you might not get banned. But again, I have visited several forums where people have said that they have been blocked even after strictly following their rules. Reddit is very sensitive to spammy behavior. They consider even the smallest and tiniest fault as spam.

  • I’m not familiar with Reddit. It’s difficult when you get a ghost ban so it’s important to check your site and actions regularly.

  • Joanna Sormunen

    I have really not learnt how to use Reddit. I know that it brings a lot of traffic to some bloggers. but the rules are so rigid that it seems sometimes more harmful than good.

  • Sin Yee

    Hmm.. Sound like Reddit’s rules are harsh. It would be good if we can share on more social media.

  • Yan

    geez, this looks like a huge blow to your account. ghost banning is indeed a unique way to ban you without your knowledge, i’m sure it’s in reddit’s best interest that you were banned, though i would be careful next time! all the best in recovering your account!

  • Rebecca Wong

    wow!! I’ve never heard anyone getting banned. Is Reddit a crucial tool to help in giving a push to the blogs?

  • dmhyf

    I have never heard of Reddit, but you stoked my interest in reading more about it. Bummer about them banning without letting you know you are banned, or giving you any solution on what the problem is and how to solve it.

  • rubbieanne

    I just can’t relate to the topic :(

  • I haven’t jumped into the Reddit bandwagon. At least, not yet. But, ugh, this ghost ban seems more complicated than the usual. Either their rules are too harsh, or somebody’s manipulating the system. That’s all I can say for now. Franc’s right: better check your site regularly, in terms of feedback, referrals, etc.

  • ive never heard of a reddit ghost! I go on reddit every now and again

  • Hi Kaustav,

    Wonderful post indeed. Very informative too. You shared your experience about “Reddit ban”. I never faced such problems. But, I can take care in the future. Thanks for sharing with us. Your experience can make us learn something about Reddit marketing.

    I don’t like Reddit’s rules and regulation such as we can’t submit more than 1 link in a day. It is quite slow. But, Reddit marketing is good to attract traffic. We should go for it. Thanks again for such informative article.

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    • Hi @disqus_5rkODw0DWy:disqus thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. You are right. Reddit gives a lot in terms of traffic. But users must be very aware of this ban, coz you really won’t know when it’s put on you ! :)
      You too have a great weekend

  • Hi Kaustav,

    Though I am not a user of Reddit but still its good to know about such things.
    There are many policies of Reddit which are not followed by its users so its obvious that they will get banned from Reddit.

    I was not aware that even Reddit can ban its users profile for the violation of some rules.
    Its an useful article which will help many people.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  • Very informative and helpful to the Reddit newbie. I might have an account but never use it. I’ll go look for it after this…