Prime components of internet marketing and seo

Prime components of internet marketing and seo

Internet marketing is a major part of brand development. Without internet marketing, a product is on good. People need to know that you are selling or offering something from your end. If you cannot inform this to as many people as possible, your returns would be very negligible.

Internet marketing is possible in quite a good number of ways. SEO is a prime part of brand marketing online. Among the various methods in which you can uphold your product in front of viewers, organic search result is a prime one.

SEO, stands for search engine optimization, is a method of preparing your website and its pages in such a way, so that they are well visible by bots and robots on the internet. These bots and robots are nothing but pieces of codes created by search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

The mechanism in which they are built requires some understanding. These scripts are prepared from a particular algorithm. The algorithm has been there as long as these search engines and they are improving day by day. All the updates that you hear of – the Panda update, the Penguin, etc. are updates to the betterment of the SEO algorithms.

The algorithms judge a website on various factors before producing results to a user on the internet. Learning to master these factors is important for better performance. If these factors are well maintained, your site shoots high up in several search results and hence more people visit your site.

SEO as a type of Internet Marketing

If we look very specifically, SEO is also a type of extensive Internet Marketing. In fact, SEO seeks its place as a prime part of Internet Marketing.

We know there are several means of marketing on the internet, just like offline methods that require paid procedures. For example, PPC campaigns, ads on social networks such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc. They charge you some cash and put your website or business page at the ad listing spaces. So, when users browse through, they get to see your pages based on certain directed keywords.

However, SEO is something totally different from this. This internet marketing strategy is the strongest and doesn’t require a price. What you need to do is learn the SEO basics and put them to practice.

SEO is based on best practices on the internet. For example, your webpage size, your image alt attributes, your webpage title, the code is to text ratio, good content that is relevant to your business or product – all these are some of the aspects of SEO.




Off page SEO or testimonial Internet Marketing

Off page SEO bases on typically creating an image for you on the Internet. The more people like you, the more you get from the search engines.

Backlinks are a prime part. So, creating good backlinks is very important. Promoting your website or product on forums and similar niche websites are another type of internet marketing. This often gives backlinks to you.

Generation of proper content with specific keywords adds to SEO. Web bots do not like lazy websites. So, always keep a good will of showing that you care for your product. Tell the bots that you regularly update new stuff on your blog. Install a sitemap and update it to the search engines.

Email marketing – one of the various internet marketing strategies

I would not have mentioned this but, this is by far one of the most enjoyed means of communication with your readers.

There are some reasons –

  1. Your readers do not need to visit your website regularly.
  2. One subscription can send them regular updates about offers and discounts or new products.
  3. Several readers feel disgusted to get mails at their inbox about daily updates. Weekly or monthly newsletters do not disappoint them.
  4. Email subscriptions are faster and last longer. In fact, an email subscription or email list built from your website (not bulk lists generated from some third party) generally lasts longer.

Internet Marketing on Social Media

Though this is not the topic for our current article, I would like to introduce some of the newbies reading my article to the power of social networks.

I got 82% of my social traffic from Reddit last week and 15% from Google Plus. So, do not neglect social media. Do create at least 5-6 social network accounts for your website promotion.

I will detail social media on another day. Till then, do keep reading and tell me what I can add to my notes.