Photoshop layer to create ghost images

Photoshop layer to create ghost images

Photoshop layer is a great utility on the designers’ end. A designer can maximize his or her capacity through such utility software. From the Adobe online community and Photoshop tutorials, one can easily learn the feature and tools that are available with this software. However, when you create your first scratch in Photoshop as a novice; things might turn out to be a bit difficult to get hold of. Photoshop for Windows and Photoshop for Mac both have some very good utility tools for the end-users.

One of the best features of the Photoshop canvas is “layers”. This particular attribute has a tremendous vital utility when designers plunge in to make complex images. Layers are the basic foundation of several beautiful masterpieces that have been created with Photoshop layer. With a photo editor of this calibre, nothing seems to be impossible to create. So, today we will learn how we can use Photoshop layer to create layered images or ghost images (I call it a ghost image myself, because the final image will be having three or four instances of the same figure).

Building the photoshop layers

First of all, we need three or four images. These images must be selected very carefully because these will form the base of the resulting image. My tutorial has three images of Cristiano Ronaldo. My motive is to punch all three images into one file and give it an attractive look and feel. You might select your own custom images for Photoshop layer project, but do select wisely (selecting the images of one particular person or matter will give a good result).

photoshop layer to create ghost images - a 100 webs solutions

Now, for the very beginners, you might have a question – how do you use Photoshop layer? Well, here’s how you can start (if you are not an absolute novice you can jump on to the next paragraph). If you already do not have Photoshop, please visit the to purchase the software. You might also buy it offline if you want. Photoshop layer CS6 will be a good choice to opt for. Once you have it, you’re ready and set to go. Just install the software and start the application. Photoshop layer for beginners will be a bit tough to handle. With so many tools and so much of utilities, you might get lost if you try to learn in a day. As for this tutorial, just go to File – and click on New. Fill in the width and height of the canvas and start off with the tutorial steps.

First of all, we need to select one of the three images as the background for the resulting image. Selecting the largest image is possibly the best option. Now, since the background will be the base of the image it must be selected very carefully. Otherwise, the resulting image might look bad. Once the background is selected, we choose the next image to work with. This second image will have to be cut out specifically so as to leave out any extra details other than the main subject. So here we use the Magnetic Lasso Tool to cut out the subject. Then using the Move Tool, we drag the cropped image onto the main background. This is our second layer in the Photoshop layer project.

After this, we need to stylize the second layer to give it a good, amiable appearance. So, in the Photoshop layer panel (right-bottom), we select the second layer and reduce the opacity to a certain value. So the main background remains fully visible while this one gets a transparent look. Remember, setting variety of opacity values will give a vibrant look to your image. So, do not stick to one particular opacity value.

Finishing touch to the Photoshop layers

Similarly for the third image, we crop the main subject, drag it to the other side of the canvas and set a particular opacity to it.
When we drag the images to the main canvas, there might be issues with the size of the dragged image. In order to get your desired size and shape, just transform or resize the image using Transform tool (or press ctrl + T).
Once the above steps are complete, we save the file as an image file. This completes our procedure of making a layered image in Photoshop with Photoshop layer functionality.


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