About.me mail signatures for Gmail users

About.me mail signatures for Gmail users

You all know about About.me Don’t you? It’s a brand new website that helps people quickly publish a digital portfolio for distribution on the internet.

About.me mail signatures are very popular. The main attraction of the website is that they offer you a very good interface to present your profile in a delicious way. Be it clients or your friends; the about.me mail signatures work very well.

One of the main reasons for this is the profile features. The interface and contents are fully customizable. Most importantly, you can have links to all your social platforms, email ids and your personal website.

The content is fully editable, and you can add a bio for yourself.

Why About.me mail signatures

Now, stretching more on mail signatures, we know that mailing clients offer mail signatures to be imported and appended to your basic email templates.

This is how several people on the internet provide good looking footer mail signatures on their mails. About.me mail signatures are also very impressive. You get to show two things with this –

  1. How well acquainted you are with latest technologies and trends on the web.
  2. A direct link to your complete about.me signature profile. So, you can show off all you got through your profile.

The first point is exceptionally useful when you are a developer or work in the web industry. Your clients get a good feeling seeing your knowledge and engagement with the internet fashion and techy trends.

How to set up mail signatures

Well, recently I got mail signatures for myself, so I can easily direct you to have one of these.

The steps are very simple and in fact, if you already have an about.me signature profile you might know it.

Head straight to the About.me website – that’s where we start our journey. If you already have an account, good; please wait while we get the first steps going.   

Set up an account just like you would do on any other website. Once the account has been set up, modify your profile and put in all the stuff you want to brag about yourself.

Remember, if you want an image to be displayed with the about.me mail signatures for Gmail; then do not forget to update an image to your profile.

Once this is done, head straight to the dashboard page (the home page not the profile). Once you go there, you will find an option called “mail signatures” on your profile at the very top of the page. If you still can’t find it, here is the link – add your email signature. View this page while you are logged in to your account.

Click on this and you’ll be prompted three types of about.me mail signatures.


Configuring and adding the about.me signature

Select the one you want. Make a not that whatever you select here will be displayed at the footer of your Gmail mails.

Once you click on the one you selected, a window appears and gives you some steps. In case it is unclear to you just do the following –

  1. Press ctrl+C (the combination for copy) on your keyboard.
  2. Login to your Gmail account and visit the settings page – Gmail settings
  3. Now, no need to change tabs or anything. Just scroll down until you find a field called “Signature” It has a text area beside it. The default is “no signature”. Select the text area instead and press ctrl+V (paste).
  4. That’s it. Scroll down the settings page and select “Save”. That’s the last step for getting your mail signatures working.


You are all done. Now your Gmail mails shall have great looking about.me mail signatures.

  • Seems to work well with Yahoo mail as well.

    • Hi @disqus_VxdsKshzFj:disqus ,

      Yes this signature is in HTML and would work on any platform that allows an HTML signature to be embedded to emails.
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