Intelligent blog designs that gain more traffic

Intelligent blog designs that gain more traffic

Our blog designs often tend to affect the readership that we get. Are you aware of this fact? In this article, I have shared my own views and experience of blogging, and what I learned from other blog designs that were converting high traffic.

Content is always the top priority. Traffic depends a lot on how well maintained your blog is. You must regularly update you blog in order to get the maximum returns. Google, Bing and other major search engines prefer supplying active websites to their users when they search for something. These search engines would never produce websites in their results that are updated once or twice a month.

Above all of this, there’s a famous saying – “first impression is the last impression”. Your content might be great and very helpful. Your data is so important that the reader would love to come back again to your website. Blog designs also play a major role. If you are creating great content for your reader to like, why not create a great appearance for your website to enhance it further?
I personally believe this is really important. Moreover, there are some very useful techniques that can be implemented in a blog design that convert more readerships automatically.

Blog designs with lots of images

Humans love images and relate more. So, naturally avoid putting loads of text stacked one after the other. Instead, make your posts appear in such a way as to display both the featured image and the post title.

Mentioning article date and time

This is very important. This feature gives your user a clear idea as to how frequently your blog gets updated. Mention your article publish date and time along with each listed post. This gives a great look and also a clear idea to the reader.

Blog designs with widgets

WordPress is the ultimate warrior among all other blog engines on the internet. A major percentage of bloggers use WordPress as their platform. WordPress has the sidebar widget facility. Widgets include several things to offer including archives, recent posts, popular posts, etc. These widgets are often preferred by blog designs specialists’ because they tend to quickly grab the attention of the readers. This increases traffic.

Title tags must have good attractive CSS

Your post title should be catchy. That’s a suggestion for good blog writing. But, what if your title was good but your reader just couldn’t make out that it was the title. Your title should have a plain good text pattern and color. Fancying over with this stuff can be quite harmful. It might lead to your user not understanding and ignoring it altogether. So, its’ better that wherever you have post titles; keep the design simple but effective. Big font, good visible color and readable font is ideal for an intelligent blog designs.

Extra plugins to add more flavor

Plugins with quick links and segregated content often play a huge role in traffic conversion and blog designs strategies. Your main target should always be to engage your reader in such a way that your readers can never move out of your blog website. If you display important statistics and post links in a fashionable manner; it’s highly possible that you would get more page-views daily. Some of the important plugins that offer these kinds of facilities are – most commented posts, you may also like, category wise post, etc. Again if you display these plugin results in a customized fashion – like with the post featured image, etc. then there is a good chance of greater conversion rates.

Finally, the intelligence in blog designs

The entire above can be structured and put up in a very intelligent manner. Your blog designs must portray as many varieties as possible in the most minimal space. So, use the side regions, the top half of the website (the part visible when the website first opens up) and also middle columns (if you can just squeeze in three columns). Then, try to add the most varied types of posts. Like one column may display latest posts with the latest being the big picture. The blog designs sidebar can contain archives, most popular, most commented, etc. The middle column might just offer a certain category that is most loved by the users.
In the single page category, always remember to display previous and next post. Your reader might just finish reading the current article and get interested in those that are displayed. This increases readership. Single page often also displays archives, most popular, etc. Display as many options as possible to your readers. That’s the trick of blog designs!

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