Installing Thunderbird for Emails

Installing Thunderbird for Emails

Installing Thunderbird for business is quite common. Mozilla developed this powerful software sometime back. I do not know how many of you are aware of this software, but I came to know of it around a year back. Since then, I have stopped using my hosting account built-in software for email handling. Thunderbird has some excellent characteristics that have made it one of my favorites.

Installing Thunderbird for the first time

Installing Thunderbird is very easy. But before that you must be aware of what it is actually about. If you run an online business or brand, you must be having a website and an email account. Hosting providers provide with some patent software for email handling. Now, as it is the web takes its own time to navigate and refresh data. On the other hand a server fault might erase the whole email body. You would really get pissed off, wouldn’t you?

Thunderbird is a standalone software – just needs you to be connected to the web. When setting up Thunderbird, you just need to follow simple steps. Double click on the setup file, and wait. The normal software procedures will follow. You will be asked for the installation path, and setup will proceed.

Connecting mail accounts after installing Thunderbird

Once installing Thunderbird is complete, you will need to connect your account. The software will automatically prompt for a connection during the first time. In case you need to add another account later, you can do that by going to the option – “File”, then “new” and then “get a new mail account”. In both cases, the upcoming steps will be the same.

A window appears where you will require producing your email id. Thunderbird will offer you to get a free email id with one of their partners if you want. However, you can skip and opt to create the connection with your existing account. The next step in installing Thunderbird requires your email account details – username, password.

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In this tutorial, we consider that you have a separate email account. So, you skip and move forward. In the next window, you will be prompted to fill in your account details. So, you type in your name, your email ID and the associated password. Remember, the email ID and the password must be exactly the same as you have mentioned in your email hosting details.

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Once you click on continue, your details will be automatically looked up by Mozilla and the configuration shall be confirmed. If you want an advanced setup procedure for incoming and outgoing protocols such as hostname, SSL settings, etc.; then you could click on “manual config”. Once your manual configuration is done, just re-test the connection and your account is ready. Installing Thunderbird is now complete.

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Thunderbird is utility software for professionals as well as private parties. Using the interface is very easy and understanding the available options is also quite feasible.

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