Install WordPress in your PC – step by step guide

Install WordPress in your PC – step by step guide

Hi Guys! It’s yet another tutorial for all you readers out there! Well, this one’s about how you could run and install WordPress in your local system.

Installing WordPress is super simple. You just need to follow some very quick and simple steps. But first let us introduce some of my readers to what WordPress is actually.

Install WordPress for blogs, websites and more…

When you install WordPress, you are about to get the best CMS experience of your lifetime. WordPress is the best and most popular blog and website builder on the internet today. In fact, initially WordPress started off as the framework for creating great blogs; but now, you can several types of plugins to make communities, e-commerce, great landing pages or just your own custom portfolio website.

WordPress is super user friendly, so you need not worry about the hassles of understanding coding and stuff.

Just install WordPress with some simple steps and you’re good to go. There are thousands and thousands of themes that are pluggable to WordPress. So, just install WordPress, choose a theme, choose some plugins, turn on some widgets – and that’s it! You’re good to go.

How to install WordPress?

No boring content any more. I know you want to jump straight into the content.

Well here’s a great video with all the steps, but if you find it a problem, you may continue reading for detailed steps.

Step 1

Download the latest WordPress package from here. Once you have downloaded it, keep it somewhere handy (I mean in your computer of-course!). Keep it somewhere like on to your desktop so that you do not have to start finding it when you install WordPress.

Step 2

Now, the file you just downloaded in a zipped format. So, unzip the file and keep the extracted folder in your wamp installed (in your www folder) folder.

install wordpress step by step guide

So, once you have done that, start WAMP server and open any browser.

Step 3

Open your localhost address on the browser and after that type in your unzipped WordPress folder name –

Suppose – localhost/wordpress4.1.4/

And then, press enter.

You should now see the following screen – the first screen to install WordPress.

install wordpress step by step guide

Step 4

In this step, we will create a database using wampserver in order to install WordPress in our system. WordPress requires you to create a dedicated database for it.

install wordpress step by step guide

The table and data will be aligned by WordPress installation files.

Step 5

In the screen that appears on your browser, you must click “ok” to continue to install WordPress. Once you do that, you will get the below screen.

install wordpress step by step guide

Here you must fill in all the details. First of all, give the database name that you just created in Step 4.

Then, give the username and password that you use to access your MySQL database.

Then your Database host will be “localhost”. In case you use a different port than that what is assigned to Apache by default (port 80 or 443), then you must add that port along with your DB host.

So, suppose you use localhost:3030/ for all your local WAMP projects, then give the same here.

The last field is the table prefix. You may keep it as (wp_). But, that is often considered not to be safe and can be prone to hacking. So try changing it.

The usage of this feature is to mask the WordPress tables with a starting prefix name, so that hackers can’t directly access any table data.

Step 6

Now, once you have filled in the inputs, click on “Submit”. If you have done everything correctly, you will get the following screen.

install wordpress step by step guide

If you are not getting this screen, don’t worry. Check the following –

  • Check if you are giving the correct DB name.
  • Check if the DB name that you gave, must be already created
  • Check if the hostname is correct, with port address and everything
  • Check if the DB user and password you supplied is present
  • Your DB username and password must not be “root” – the default one
  • Your DB user must have all privileges.

Step 7

In the page that has appeared, click on “Run the Install” and you will be asked to fill up some basic details about your new WordPress website.

Enter the details like your desired username, password, sitename, email address and click on “Install WordPress”.

install wordpress step by step guide

Step 8

Be patient. Once the installation is complete, you will be taken to the login page and asked for username and password.

Just give whatever you have given in Step 7. Once you have given the correct credentials, you will be redirected to the dashboard.

That’s it! You have now learnt how to install WordPress! Do share with me if you face any difficulty.

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