I am increasing my Twitter following consistently – so can you

I am increasing my Twitter following consistently – so can you

My friends at Twitter just increased by 100 this weekend! Yes! It’s absolutely exciting. I am loving my Twitter marketing now, more than anything else.

The best part is, I am writing this blog to suggest you the same steps so that you can achieve the same Twitter following tips. Twitter is an absolutely delicious platform for bloggers to showcase their stuffs. I do the same regularly. But, as I mentioned in my previous post that marketing your content is more important for your blog to generate more revenue.

The very first thing is followers. You must have felt the need of more followers at some point or the other. Because, if your follower list is small, your content would never reach the big stage.

Traffic comes from a lot many sources to a blog. Social Marketing is one such important area. Your social presence determines a lot of the traffic that comes to your blog.

So, let’s start. For a consistent and effective Twitter following, you must follow every step mentioned below. This will increase the numbers. If you already have a good number, you can just check them out and relate.

First step towards a good Twitter following

Twitter has a fantastic mobile app. I would suggest, the very first step is to get it. Believe me, this is no sort of affiliate relationship with my blog and Twitter. This is no advertising. I seriously recommend that if you are to get serious results from Twitter marketing, you must do this.

The reason why I am pressing on this is, Twitter following and sharing becomes super easy with this. The UI of the app is very effective. I have compared it with Facebook even, but Twitter seems to have organized the essentials so well, that marketing and socializing; both get benefited.

Showing love towards others’ content

This is a prime concern and this has returned me so much of traffic. People love it when you give importance to what they have to say. It’s obvious. Everyone likes it – you, me. So, don’t just go on spamming and rotating your own posts all the time.

Try to retweet and like others’ tweets. Your step towards a good twitter following has just begun. People will especially notice that you have taken out time to read their entries and showed the love.


This triggers love for you as well. In most cases, your tweets would be retweeted. The person might also like to follow you if he or she thinks you are tweeting sensible.

Getting into lists

People would love to put you into tweet lists. A chunk of your Twitter following would arise from these lists.

Basically you can’t add yourself to a list. Someone has to add you to his or her list. Try to select perfect professional lists. If you are just part of a list where people are posting stuffs that do not relate to your topic; it is useless to you.

Once added to a list, your Twitter following can increase significantly. This is because, you have been added to that list for a reason. Subscribers to that list want to share and tweet about topics that you are associated with.

Try posting useful stuff, and you would notice that many of the subscribers would start following you.

Plan your Twitter activity – every single day

Try to plan your marketing in such a way, that every social platform gets a decent amount of time.

As I mentioned at the very beginning, since I have started using apps for social marketing, my returns have doubled.

Just get hold of the apps and start using them all throughout the day consistently. So that, at the end of the day, you would be a consistent Twitter (or any other platform) user.

In fact, your Twitter following tribe would love to see you active all day.

This obviously does not mean you need to leave work all day and dive into Twitter. Just invest small chunks of time from your schedule.

Try to focus on tweets that have some link to your stuffs

You would obviously want followers from your genre. Having a long Twitter following list that is not interested in your stuff is utterly useless.

So, try to search for people from the same industry as yours. Twitter is a huge place. Millions of people around the world come together every day.

So it is unlikely that you would not get people with similar pattern as yours. If you are a tech blogger, try finding people who are interested in tech stuff. It is of no use if your following group consists of travel or beauty loving people.

A good Twitter following demands consistency

Twitter is very harsh towards inconsistent profiles. I have suffered this myself. In my early days, I used to seldom open my profile or tweet something.

I gradually noticed that my Twitter following count was reducing day to day. The thing is that people love to follow you only when you are actively participating in the community.

It doesn’t matter if you do not have a post or tweet of your own. Just go out there and post something useful. Maybe someone else’s effective article that you just read. Your followers will love that you are making endorsements as well.


This comes helpful when your tweets are not generating enough retweets or not reaching new people. Hashtags are a prime part of social marketing.

The ripple effect is very important in social media marketing. Ripple effect refers to the event when one person shares with ten, and then the ten share with ten new people each. This goes on continuing. That is how your post reaches new heights.

But, this also has a saturation point. The saturation point comes when the number of people your tweet first gets shared with, is limited and fixed each time.

So, you got to find new followers every hour, every day.

How to do that? Well, I have already mentioned one method at the beginning. Here’s another one.

Try searching tweets with hashtags as that of yours; i.e. related to your genre. Start following or even better favourite or retweet their content. This will gain you attention from new people. You will get a stronger Twitter following number.

The Twitter search proves very faithful

This is almost same as the hashtag mechanism. Just the difference here is you can combine two search keywords in your search phrase.

This makes the search more diverse and interesting. This helps when your hashtag search gets saturated.

This search can then provide a more diverse set of results and you can find even more variety people.

Searches however display results in a format. The first tab displays results from people you are following or your followers. Switch to the ‘all tweets’ tab. This will display tweets from unknown profiles.


These were some very effective tips from my end. Try them and do let me know in the comments section.

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