How to create a click to tweet hyperlink inside text

How to create a click to tweet hyperlink inside text

Click to tweet; yes and that’s what is going to create a superb effect for your twitter handle in the coming hours. Tweets are really important nowadays. Twitter is one of the largest growing social networking website nowadays.

Your Twitter account plays a very important role. Twitter gives a very dedicated followers list. If you are a serious blogger, you would never underestimate the power of Twitter. One of the prime sources of good internet marketing is Twitter. Twitter gives exceptional good traffic if used effectively.

So why do we actually need a click to tweet stuff??

We are here to discuss and learn how we can create a click to tweet hyperlink. Twitter is already providing the code to make a Twitter tweet button or follow button.

In this article, I will show you how we can do a bit of modifications and alterations to these concepts and gain a lot from it.

So basically, the click to tweet within text hyperlink has some very effective advantages –

  • The hyperlink can be anything. So, your tweet option will be at the backend of the hyperlink. Your front-end will be a text. So, you are actually composing a nice tweet of 144 characters but your hyperlink can be a text that says anything.

           For example – you have a text “can I have a high five to that?!!

           And the tweet text behind that is “I just read an article at A100WebSolutions blog and it was fantastic!!”

  • Another thing that you have in a click to tweet hyperlink is that you can add some very good flavors to it – like custom hashtags that you want your readers’ tweet to contain, your own twitter handle (which will automatically get highlighted as soon as your reader tweets using that hyperlink), and counts of your tweets. So basically, in the latter case, you would know how times your users gave you a high five!!

All right!! So let’s get along and start doing some real stuff.

Preparing the click to tweet hyperlink

Your click to tweet hyperlink can contain a number of parameters or components, as I mentioned above. So, let us start using and learning one at a time, and then we would merge all of them together to see how it looks.

First of all, the structure of the element will be somewhat like this –

It will be a simple hyperlink tag. If you do not know what a hyperlink tag is, you can refer to my articles what is html and basic elements of an html page.

The hyperlink tag will contain the same attributes as normal with some additions to it. The “href” attribute will contain the URL part same as it does for all other HTML links.

The only change is that it will contain some extra keywords. These keywords shall make the tweet on click even more interesting!!

The via@handle parameter is my favorite. I love it when people mention my name, and I am sure you love it too. So, the “via” keyword is used to mention the twitter account that you want to be mentioned in the tweet.

Suppose your reader is finding an article very interesting, or maybe your lead is finding your product very intuitive; this is the time when you must include your company name or your name in his or her tweet. So, when she delivers her feedback to the world, your mention will be very effective.

Then comes the #hashtags. Hashtags are really interesting stuff in today’s world. We all know that. Whenever we need to find relevant audience, hashtags can be the perfect path to each our selected audience. So, it’s good to insert some hashtags as well.

Note: Hashtags implementation in a click to tweet text or hyperlink can be tricky. Twitter does not allow you to directly put a # sign in the URL text. So, you need to use the hashtags parameter. But that only works in case of a twitter share button. For click to tweet hyperlinks, you can simply insert your hashtag words with “%23” instead of the character #. That’ll work!!

Some other stuffs are also there. But the next ones that I mention is better to be used for tweet buttons. They do not really have that good an effect in case of click to tweet links.

The first one is the “text” parameter. This is often auto fed from the webpage’s title tag. So, you better not worry about it. It is basically the text that comes when no text is supplied appended to your URL.

Another attribute for the hyperlink tag <a> is the “data-counturl”. This shows the number of tweets that has been made from the current tweet hyperlink. Even this looks good in case we use a button.

Click to tweet – your next best thing!

Well, that’s that. I have said it all. I can suggest you one more thing about this. Do not crowd up your space or text too much with this tweet stuff. Keep it short and simple. You can occasionally offer your readers and even subscribers with tweet on click hyperlinks.

This is very effective for your twitter image and growth. Also, your twitter followers will feel very special and always connected to you.

Now, let’s just test all that we did up until now…can I get a high five??!! If you liked all that I shared with you here, give me a high five!!

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