How I used social marketing apps to boom my blog traffic

How I used social marketing apps to boom my blog traffic

In this booming era of smartphones and tabs, I am quite sure I do not need to elaborate on the significance or utilities of apps. I am very much confident as well, that you know what apps are (you might be thinking, “Is this guy joking?”). Well then, let us dive straight into the nitty-gritty of social marketing apps.

This will be a short, but informative post for all you readers who are specifically interested in internet marketing. This article is basically to focus on the usage of social marketing apps to boost traffic.

An introduction to social marketing

Social marketing is an important strategy for online website. Social network is the biggest marketplace today where you can reach out to millions of people every day with your product.

Social marketing in fact, helps you reach out to people who are interested in your stuff; interested in what you are writing. Social marketing apps is just a step ahead of what you have been doing until now. It will take your marketing returns to a new height.

How social marketing apps can help ease your task

So why apps? You might be wondering.

I would like to tell you, that every other web application nowadays is boasting about their app. So rest assured, that whatever you have on the internet, can be at your fingertips in the mobile device you are using. Social marketing apps can actually be fun once you start using them.

So let us start with the very common social marketing apps

Facebook – This one is no doubt the ultimate. I am sure you all have this app installed in your smartphone. There is no need elaborating on this.

The app is pretty decent with handy like and share buttons. Facebook promised to bring forward an even lighter app. Facebook is a superb place to share your content. But, according to my personal insights on Facebook; return from this platform is not very promising. This is effective, but not a pro member of the social marketing apps family.

Twitter – This is the king among social networking apps. I have dedicated a post to Twitter app marketing, in fact. Twitter has all the user needed options at a single point.

You can quickly retweet, favorite and also reply to a tweet. Composing your own tweet is also really fast and easy.

Some quick tricks can make you a powerful person on the internet marketing world with loads of people liking your moves and gestures.

Pinterest – Pinterest is one of the most beautiful social marketing apps available. The UI is awesome and you would find everything just perfect.


Whatever you need – search, pin it, like, etc. are all at your fingertips. The load time is also quite low, so you won’t get bored while browsing.

This is a light weight app and can be a good addition to your bag.

The “not so popular social marketing apps”

Stumbleupon – This website is typically very complex to use. New users do not get a clear idea as to what they should do in order to “use” the website to their benefits.

But this website has a huge return. Stumblers love to follow back to websites and content get shared really fast here. So, why not app-iffy it? So, one the best unknown social networking apps is Stumbleupon.


The UI is quite graceful. However, the speed at which it loads the websites depends. Since the different websites have different speed, do not get fed up with the app. It’s got nothing to do with them.

GooglePlus – This is also one of the lesser used social marketing apps. Google Plus app offers a more compact option panel than their original web version.

The share, communities, profile options, etc. come under small hoods of places; making them easily accessible.


This can prove to be very effective if you can use it well.

Instagram – This app is the most loved app in mobile devices. However, very few people use it for social marketing. You can do the same by adding your website pictures, link to a page and using hashtags.


Proves to be very challenging, but the return is high because this app has a huge number of users.

ScoopIt – This is hardly used, even on the web. This app is not so organized but can add to your collection of traffic generators.


The users here are mainly bloggers. So, you can achieve targeted traffic from this place.

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