How good it feels to be back to blogging

How good it feels to be back to blogging

Blogging has always been a passion for me. Not that it was so fascinating for me from the very beginning. But as I started exploring the world of internet and so much in it, I gathered more knowledge and craze for blogging.

Bloggers were a special attraction in the beginning. I must say, I got some serious enthusiasm when I first came to know about some of the top bloggers of India. I found it awesome that how these people were sharing their knowledge to gain such immense appreciation.


My current blogging status – why so nostalgic suddenly?

Well, this answer was simple for me to answer. I was blocked for about 7-8 months in some professional “gearing up”; and that witnessed the setback of my blogging spree.

I was gearing up a fair amount of around 12-15 articles a month just a couple of months back. Yet, I got lost into this sudden hike of hectic schedules and lost contact with my blogging routine. I was just not getting enough time to hit my laptop.

Not that I was not doing it. Never. Blogging has already got into my life as a daily necessity. It’s just that my 24 hour day was falling short.

But I did not give up!!

I have already shared my blogging plans with you before that has earned me such a hike in the blogging world in such a short time.

I was constantly following up with the blogging world. I was reading, I was socializing; just to keep hold of my habits. Until now – until a time when I can spread my wings again and dive into blogging habits.

I am really happy now and this article was just a mirror to those feelings. I had planned this all through my deserted span – that I shall communicate to my blogging audience what I felt during my days when I got detached from my internet hobby.

My further plans – Hit straight into blogging with a bash

Nothing else. I am coming back right into it. From today, from now. This is not a tech article. I am sure though, my audience would give it a warm welcome.

My next tech article is, however, not far enough. Maybe I’ll be up with it in a couple of days. Till then, it’s a very big “Hi’ to all my friends and audience out there.

I missed you guys a lot. This post is just a communicating bridge between the restless author at the A100WebSolutions and his beloved blog audience and followers.

Good to see you guys showering so much love and patience till my blog was producing enough content. You’ll be thrilled to know that some great topics are coming up right in the queue within a small span.

You’ll love it!! Till then, have a great time.

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