High organic rankings in 10 easy steps

High organic rankings in 10 easy steps

Organic ranking is very important. Statistics show that an average well performing website gets around 40-45 per cent of its traffic from organic results. High organic rankings are therefore very important for a website. So, what is it all about? SEO is not rocket science and you can do quite well for yourself if you want to.

On page SEO is a huge factor that plays a role in organic searches. Off-page SEO is also a huge factor, but that is not under your control to quickly improve that section. In this article, I would focus on mastering the very base level SEO works you can do to uplift your website’s on-page SEO and get good high organic rakings.

So, here’s the mantra for getting high organic rankings with a slight bit of SEO knowledge. In fact, you need not worry about the SEO part as well; I will drive you through the whole procedure.

Let’s break down the thing into sub parts. On page SEO or SEO within the elements of a webpage can be classified into the following bullet points –

  1. Proper title information
  2. SEO friendly URL
  3. Alt attributes for images
  4. Good text / code ratio
  5. Header tags
  6. Image optimization and page size optimization
  7. Maintain coding standards and implement image scalability
  8. Content simplicity
  9. Promoting your webpage link in relevant places on the internet.
  10. Adding mobile CSS and print CSS

The above mentioned cardinals must be followed regularly during publishing your pages. Whether blog posts or general pages of your website, you must always keep these in your mind to attain high organic rankings.

Proper title information for high organic rankings

  1. Titles are the first things traversed by the web bots. So, make sure you create a title relevant to your page content
  2. The title must have a keyword in it that is significantly present throughout the page.
  3. Titles must be not more than 70 characters in size. Rest is truncated, so it’s no use keeping more than that.

SEO friendly URL

URLs are made for web bots again. URLs link directly to the web search keyword. Title and URL are first searched for the keyword that the user searches for. So, do not implement URLs that uses dynamic links; for example, www.abc.com/?pageid=2. The latter is not at all search engine friendly and breaks your SEO and will not get you high organic ranks at all.

Alt attribute for images boosts high organic rankings in image searches

  1. Always use alt tags and title tags in images
  2. Title tags help rank better in image searches
  3. Mention the respective keyword for that particular page inside the alt tag.

Text code ratio

Text code ratio is important for high organic rankings because Google bots or Bing bots prefer to list pages that are more relevant to humans. Better code is to text ratio means your webpage must be having at least a certain percentage of text compared to the code.

This percentage is around 70%. So, your code must not be more than 30% of the document size. The best practice is to reduce code size, avoid inline styles, use external style and JavaScript files, and implement minifying.

Header tags

Use variety of header tags but remember –

  1. Header tags usage is a must
  2. Header H1 tag must be present only once in a page and it must have the keyword
  3. H2, H3 and H4 usages is good and always suggested


Image and page optimization

  1. Use Google PageSpeed checker for checking minifying options
  2.  Google automatically minifies the files for you when you run PageSpeed checker. Download and replace the files on your server.
  3. Implement other PageSpeed suggestions to increase speed of page loading. Page load timing is important for high organic rankings.
  4. Image optimization can be done by using Photoshop or web services like Yahoo Smushit or TinyPNG.  

Maintain coding standards and image scalability

  1. Always use external stylesheets and minify them
  2. Do not use inline styling
  3. Write clean codes up to the standards mentioned in W3C.
  4. Do not use deprecated tags in your document. This must be validated according to your Doctype. Use elements according to the Doctype you are using.
  5. Image scalability is using website optimized images. Other than image minification, you can serve scaled images. So, if you need 400X300 sizes at a particular webpage section, do not use the original image of 1200X900 resolutions.

Mention the height and width, so that the server can serve a scaled image.

Also, use image sprites at places where you can do so.

Content simplicity also helps in high organic rankings

Content simplicity just means a few things –

  1. Write short sensible simple sentences. Not long ones.
  2. Do not spam with keywords.
  3. Write for humans, not for machines

Promoting at relevant websites

  1. Social promotion is always a prime section.
  2. However, also mention your page’s link at relevant pages on the internet. Suppose, you have a page about fashion products, paste the link on a website which has the same genre and topic.
  3. Search engines track “most relevant backlinks”. So, if you write about shoes and your backlinks come from computer websites; you won’t get high organic rankings for that.

Mobile friendly and print friendly CSS

While designing your website always remember to put @print and responsive media queries. Mobile presence plays an important role in high organic rankings.

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