Guest blogging pros and cons – don’t miss out

Guest blogging pros and cons – don’t miss out

Guest blogging – are you familiar with this term. If you are a blogger, I am sure you are very excited to hear this. Bloggers would be very aware about guest blogging and all that comes with it.

However, if you are not a blogger and just run a website for your firm; you must know the benefits from guest blogging. Also, along with knowing the goods of this practice, we need to know certain failures that can attach themselves if we are not careful enough.

The pros of guest blogging

Some bloggers and website owners out there think guest blogging is down and has no effect at all. But, I personally feel that this wrong. I have followed several websites till date and many top bloggers are still saying that guest blogging has its own benefits that are unmatched.

A new method of marketing and acquiring extra traffic

This is a very common and known factor. When you are writing for a website that has a higher authority and larger audience, you are actually showcasing your content to that huge audience base.

Your website might have 200 visitors a day, but a fellow blogger or an even higher authority website might be having 2000 visitors a day. So, as soon as you write for that website you get highlighted as an author in that niche.

This has the following benefits –

–          Increase traffic significantly

–          Several readers might jump on to your blog and become permanent there

–          Your social link ups in the author zone can enhance your social network performance

 Backlinks are a source to increase your website PR

Though, of late web masters have become very strict about allowing guest blogging from anonymous people. The one reason is the PR factor. The PR, or pagerank, of a website is obtained by finding out the number of good links or PR juices it is connected to.

Webmasters have become cautious because Google is dropping websites that have lots of junk websites linking to it. Also, if you are the owner of a high PR website, you would never want to pass your website juice to another degraded inactive website.

Suppose your website gets its own URL mentioned in a well renowned site A and also a site B, then Google knows that your site is genuine and information on it is genuine too; because you have two good backlinks from site A and site B.

So, when results in a Google search are displayed, the algorithm will rank your website higher than other websites who do not have well recognized backlinks.

SO, when you are guest blogging on a high PR website, normally you get a link back in the form of appreciation.

Guest blogging helps build relations

Building great relations in the blogosphere can be a boost for your online presence. You must prove to be a good content generator and skillful at your profession. Other bloggers might endorse your skills to their friends and acquaintances.

This way your exposure can grow even higher.


The cons of guest blogging

Guest blogging is not harmful for your blog or website. It does not have any disadvantage directly as such. But, when you are doing it wrong, it can back fire. So, always keep these things in mind while guest blogging.

Content is king

Your readers would love to read your articles on your blog or on any other blog if there’s some taste in it. Otherwise your article goes in waste, unattended and ignored. Gradually, you will lose your value as a writer in front of the readers.

Don’t just run for backlinks and write anywhere

Google’s SEO classes have mentioned repeatedly that quality backlinks are very important for a website’s performance.

Quality backlinks – what are they? Confused? Have a look and remember to keep the following in mind while targeting backlinks for your website    

–          High PR backlink

–          Backlink from the same niche or industry

–          Permanent backlinks, not fake, temporary ones that come from a payment.

Approach your guest blog website with a good article pitch

Plan your article well and write something that the audience of that website loves. If you write something you love to write about, be sure that the audience loves it too.

Just before your guest blogging assignment on a particular website; look keenly at the published articles and also the popularity meter of those articles.

Try to write articles similar to the ones which are most popular on that website.

No over promotion of your brand

Do not over promote or fill your article with links to your website. No one will like that; neither the owner of the website, nor the readers.

Just put in a short author bio with a single link back and mention your social profiles. That’s good enough and powerful too.

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