Google AdSense versus private ads

Google AdSense versus private ads

Affiliate marketing is one big thing in today’s internet world. Especially bloggers run into affiliate marketing to monetize their online content. There are loads of methods to make money online fast from your website, other than ad revenues. However, this is one of the most prominent and effective methods.

Well, affiliate marketing can be of multiple types. Putting up ads on your website is very simple. However, there are a certain things that you should keep in your mind while trying to monetize your website.

Just before putting up ads on your website, you must be very sure that your website has enough traffic. Building traffic to your website is important. Otherwise, it’s no use putting up ads. This is because there won’t be any user on your website to click on the ads. So, what’s the point of having ads?

Now, let’s dive in to our main topic of discussion. Google provides an excellent form of putting affiliate ads on your website. So, you website free space is fantastically made use of. Each blank space behaves like a piece of asset for you. It keeps on producing money.

Well, but there are certain cardinals that Google want you to follow just before putting up their ads. Maintaining these cardinals even if you’re not putting AdSense; is good. But, Google also demands that your website has ample traffic, which is quite a vital factor.

Often we tend to put up ads instantly after one or two months of blogging. That is of no use. As long as your domain and blog is new in the search engine, your SEO count won’t go up and you would not have significant traffic.

Private ads and their scope

Private ads have a very important advantage. These affiliates pay you way more than AdSense for putting up their dedicated ads on your website. They do not have extreme demands like AdSense guidelines regarding traffic count and PageRank.

Although traffic is important for monetizing your ads, but at times you might feel that, private ads help you gain more and help you gain faster.

Private ads can bring loads of money if you have the correct amount of visitors on your website. You might have seen there are many websites out there who have certain spaces on where they publicly ask for advertisers. They label places like “advertise here” or something like that. So, as soon as an advertiser clicks on that place, they can offer the website owner a lump sum rate in the likes of PPC.

These rates are often more that AdSense. The only reason is that Google AdSense rotates ad banners and according to the website content. So, no particular ad gets the whole time on the website. But, with private ads, the ad owners pay a lot because their ad is always displayed on a specific place without any rotation or anything.


Private ads through articles

Another form of affiliate marketing is writing promotional articles for big brands. There are millions of websites on the internet and each one wants to promote a brand. Major software or product services on the internet need huge amounts of leads and traffic in order to meet their sale targets.

Now, if your site is an authority site with a high page rank and good traffic throughout the month; you can offer major websites to write a promotional article for them.

Just contact them via email and tell them about the popularity of your website. Tell them that you can write a good positive promotional article for their brand and direct thousands of users from your site to their site. Mostly these are one-time payable stuffs; but you can make a handsome amount out of it just for adding more content to your blog.

Always remember, do not write for low authority websites. They might just pay you but your PR juice might flow out to a very bad outlet. This would affect SEO of course.

Summing up private ads vs AdSense

So, if we consider the various points of comparison, we can say –

  1. Private ads can be placed even before you meet the minimum traffic amount to your website
  2. Private ads range from to variety of products and flexible prices. Since every other product on the internet has facilities of affiliate memberships, you can choose from a wide range of products having high payment structures
  3. Private ads have a higher payment structure normally compared to AdSense ads.
  4. Private ads can be availed by putting up dedicated blank spaces on your website. The ad company would automatically contact you.
  5. Private ads do not affect your AdSense membership. But make sure you read the private ad policies before diving in. It might happen that they stop allowing you putting other affiliate ads once their ad is online.

Always make sure your private ad is not violating one of Google’s ad policies, in case you put both ads together. Otherwise, your Google AdSense account might get cancelled.

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    You are right the surest way to earn big money is private ads subject to their find with reasonable rates. To earn from Google Adsense we have to wait for a long to first get huge traffic and then make them click on these ads. If the audience is from any low paying audience then we hardly earn a few bucks by Google Ads. Yes private ads are quite flexible in rates and once we develop long term business relationship with an advertiser he don’t mind issuing ads to us for a longer period of time.
    The wonderful comparison you made here and thanks a lot for sharing it.

    • Thanks for the appreciation. I am glad that you found it useful. :)