5 WordPress plugins you should never miss out as a new blogger

5 WordPress plugins you should never miss out as a new blogger

WordPress plugins are super effective for bloggers. Any blogger who has WordPress installed for blogging purposes, would know how effective plugins can be.

In this article, I will tell you about five striking WordPress plugins that have changed my approach as a blogger completely. Without these plugins, my blog would not have pumped up so quickly.

Plugin number 1: One of the most important and effective wordpress plugins

SEO by Yoast. This plugin has some of the most mindboggling SEO assistance techniques for all bloggers out there.

In fact, I brushed up some of my SEO skills when I first installed this plugin and started using it. This is a fantastic SEO tool created by Joost De Valk. His tool is super effective for WordPress bloggers.

I have written about this plugin here. Take a look.

five wordpress plugins you should never miss out in a new blog

Some of the best features include –

  • You get instant check of your blog post – title, URL, keywords meta tag, images, alt tags, everything.
  • This plugin has some salient features like detecting whether your blog has a canonical URL or not. It also detects for sitemaps and other on-page SEO features. If you do not have a sitemap enabled, it does that for you.
  • From the Webmaster Tools tab, you can supply your Alexa verification ID and also Bing webmasters verification code.
  • You can also provide all your social accounts URL here in the Yoast SEO dashboard. This helps in Yoast to register your social profiles with Google and other search engines.

Plugin number 2: Google Sitemaps

Google XML sitemaps is a sitemap generating tool for your WordPress blog. One of the best WordPress plugins for sitemap creation, this plugin has a very good interface and user friendly dashboard.

Once you install the plugin, go to settings. This will take you the dashboard. Some of the features are –

  • The very first widget shows you the latest ping to your IP (your blog). This helps you understand how effectively your blog is being registered with Google bots and Bing bots.
  • The basic options setting widgets helps you to declare rules like – informing search engines about new posts, inserting sitemap in robots.txt file, etc.
  • Finally, you will also be able to choose which pages of your blog should be included and excluded from your sitemap. This is a very effective selection. However, be very sure before you modify this.
  • Also, a crawling frequency maybe set from the setting page. This determines how much crawling is done by bots for your archives, homepage, categories page, etc. This depends on how frequently your site content changes. So, you may do this accordingly.

Plugin number 3: iThemes Security, best among anti-spam WordPress plugins

iThemes Security. One of the most reliable WordPress plugins, this plugin helps your website against spam. Several WordPress websites are hacked each day and the main reason is because some of the very basics are not taken care of by webmasters.

five wordpress plugins you should never miss out in a new blog

Among the various security WordPress plugins, I personally found this very effective and versatile.

The dashboard displays some of the most crucial information of the current website core system like –

  • All directory paths of the website and the current user permission assigned to them. The status displayed shows you whether the current setting is safe or not.
  • File system information, htaccess writable status, wp-config writable status, etc.
  • Database information, DB user, hostname, DB version, MySQL client version, etc.
  • Server information, inflation type supported, OS and server IP.
  • All PHP information.

Apart from these, the most useful features include

  • Blacklisting repeated lockout offender (you can also whitelist your own IP in case you are attempting multiple times and have forgot your password)
  • Multiple 404 detection. So when a particular user continues hitting 404, he gets locked out seemingly because it might be a spam bot.
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Hide login area. This is one of my favorites, and I think of all the other WordPress plugins available, this plugin does this best. You can hide your login page and name it something other than the default. This helps reduce hacking and spamming.
  • Other than this there are other settings like changing default DB table names, malware scanning, etc.

Plugin number 4: WP code highlight

WP code highlight. This is one of the best WordPress plugins for code developers who have turned bloggers; just like me.

This is an excellent and super lightweight plugin that gives simple yet stylish markup to code snippets that you might require to display inside your post.

I personally love this because of its usage technique.

Once you install the plugin, go to the WordPress “text” editor mode and type a <pre> opening and closing tag. Inside the tag, write any code you want. The thing is automatically translated to a stylish display box with colorful code snippets.

This plugin has support to all major coding languages.

Plugin number 5: Last but not the least

Yuzo Related Posts. I just figured out about this WordPress plugin a few months back while I was doing some research on related posts WordPress plugins.

I have used this for a couple of months now, and what I can say is that I wish I had known about this earlier.

A very simple plugin with an amiable interface for starters to work with.

five wordpress plugins you should never miss out in a new blog

The algorithm that they use in order to find out related posts is fantastic and super effective.

In fact, you can also set you preferences about that. But, their default algorithm to display related posts is very effective. It actually increased my web traffic significantly.

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