Find social share count of a URL online using ShareTally

Find social share count of a URL online using ShareTally

Social share count plays a vital role. I am a blogger myself, and I know the importance of social share count on a blogger’s performance and enthusiasm to do more.

We love it when people acknowledge our concepts and love them. In fact, we love it more when they appreciate our efforts and share the article or demo with some of their connections on the social media.

Why are we so bothered? Why need social share count?

Social media has become a vital point of the Internet life. We cannot imagine a day today without social media interaction. Marketing has also taken a new step forward with the internet’s boom.

So, social share count actually defines how much our concept is selling with the audience. Be it a blog, or an e-commerce website, social sharing is important for everyone.

I just recently found out this website for social share count calculation on the Internet. While I was browsing through my older blog posts a few days back, I was fascinated to see my article on creating a click to tweet link has got more than a hundred stumbles on Stumble Upon.

This was fantastic and just in order to be sure about the metrics Shareaholic was providing on website; I went to verify it on the Internet itself.

ShareTally – my review on the service

Well, first of all, the website is very simple to use. Getting social share count manually with JavaScript is possible. However, that takes time and ample amount of coding knowledge. Moreover, I already have a plugin to do the job. I am sure most of you have the same.

I needed a quick review that could confirm the social share count I was getting.

For any user on the Internet, the prime concern is to find a proper direction to what he or she is wanting. This website has a big URL entering field on the homepage itself. I entered my desired URL and below is the results I got.

find social share count of a url online using sharetally

Fortunately and to my surprise, the results were same or almost same to what Shareaholic was showing on my website!

Just provide the URL you want, and it will provide the social share count accordingly for you, in a minute of time.

Sharetally has another very important tool for you. A bookmarklet. So, just drag the bookmarklet from their website on to your browser bookmarks bar; and from the next time, just click on that tool while you are on a certain webpage. The tool will automatically return you the social share count for that page.

Similar services online that provide social share count

The Bad one –

SharedCount was another service that popped up right on top of the SERP in Google. But, I could not find it useful, since the count it was showing wasn’t matching with any of the social share count on my website. So, I would say, ShareTally was better than this.

The Good ones – first

Another one from the results was SharedCount by Techwelkin group. I tries the same URL at their website as well. The results were same as with Shareaholic on my website and ShareTally. So, now I was sure that ShareTally was providing the right count.

find social share count of a url online using sharetally

The UI in the above website was not so good, but the results page showing the social share count was really impressive! This one was good.

The Good ones – second. Really great!

The last one that I tried was HowManyShares. This website was really awesome!

The website has just one text field for you to enter the URL of the page. UI is awesome! When they give you the results, they provide a snapshot of the page too!

find social share count of a url online using sharetally

As expected, the social share count was also perfect and matching with the previous two.

Give them a try for yourself, and let me know about your choices in the comment section.

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