The most exciting features of Google Maps

The most exciting features of Google Maps

Google maps are very useful when publishing your own website content or product. It becomes especially useful because it portrays all details related to a particular place.

Google maps are very useful to use. Just visit the maps official page and login with your Google Account. Google has officially announced the – “one account all of Google” feature. So, if you have a Gmail account; that’s enough for you to login to AdSense, AdWords, Wallet, Play, Analytics, Merchant, Code, and Maps and all that is under the Google brand.

This fantastic Google feature makes it even easier to access the varieties of Google.

Google Maps features

Google Maps has quite a lot of features. When we move deeper into the maps, we would find several aspects that make Google Maps perfect for business and also for personal use.

So, we take an insight on the latest version of Google Maps by visiting it live.

With Maps, we can do a lot! I mean, you can’t even imagine what Google has for you in this simple yet very hi-end application.

The satellite view – the realistic view if you want it!

One of the best features that I like about Google Maps is the satellite view, apart from the Map view. The satellite view gives exact photos of the roads and other landscapes in and around your place. It looks awesome!

The map view also shows the same outline or structure. But, the satellite view has a better appearance according to my personal choice.

The reason is simple. Just visit the official Google Maps page and type in an address nearby your place. If you have a good internet speed, your place has already been opened by now.

Now, switch to the satellite view. Look for the option at the left bottom corner of the website. Once you click on it, you will see that the view has changed. In this view, things look very realistic. In fact, you’ll be able to view trees and houses in their actual form. You can actually make out between color differences of the houses. Fencing an brick colors can be seen from this top view camera.




 Google Maps transport suggestions

Transport suggestions are yet another useful feature of Google Maps. In case you do not know this, let me tell you that Google has a database maintaining the list of buses or available transport facilities from one place to another.

As soon as you type a query like – “point A to point B”, Google uses its internal algorithm to find a path between the two. If there are multiple paths, you would get all of them indicating which is shorter and which one is longer.

Apart from this, the thing we were speaking of – transport suggestions is also a gain factor for Google Maps surfers. The left top panel displaying all details will have multiple tabs now. Note that there are tabs with icons on them. One of them shows a car, another shows a human figure. Google estimates the time required by car and by foot and displays them on these tabs respectively.




There is a third tab with a bus icon. This tab gives the estimated time by bus and also a list of buses available on that root. If the root does not support a single direct bus, Google provides the break up and mentions all buses involved. Multiple bus options are also displayed. Isn’t that awesome?!


Route locator from one position to another

Route locator, as I mentioned previously, is a vital part of Google Maps. In fact, a statistics show that this feature is the most used section of Google Maps. This acts as a GPS on certain systems and helps the user to figure out every little detail about the road.

Route locator can determine any route possible between two given points. It also marks down the shortest route.




Embedding or sharing your custom map – includes “your places” when logged in

When you have a Google Places registration or identification on Google Maps, you must show and share it with as many people as possible. What best place to share than your own website.

Websites generally have a contact page. This page is meant for your visitors to get in touch with you if needed. Remember, the more information you give about you, the more leads you get to your website. The reason is simple – people do not love anonymous relations on the internet. Physical addresses and contact numbers help them gain more faith.

So, a map is awesome for a lasting relation. You give them straight directions to your place – they feel more comfortable in trusting you.

So how do we embed Google maps? It’s simple. Look for a gear icon at the right bottom corner. When you click on this icon, you would see a menu slide up. At the top, there’s an option called “Share and embed map”. Click on that and you’ll see the following box popup. Select the code and paste it in your website where you want it.




Note, that this map is your personal map if you are logged in at the time of getting the embed code. This means you would get all your saved places, starred items, etc. on this map.

Google Maps mobile – GPS and route apps

Google Maps is a feature that is already built in and installed in smartphones and iOS. Mobile devices are the best place where maps are used to their full potential.

GPS or Global Positioning System is one such feature. You can find roads and streets while walking or driving. So you are never lost with Google Maps at your hand.

Some of the fantastic apps associated with Google Maps are –

  1. Uber – This app helps you request a ride from anywhere. You get picked up in minutes and you can actually view your driver coming to you in real time. Compare rates and pay hassle free with Google Wallet or PayPal. Even when you do not know where you are exactly, simply click the place and the driver will come to you.
  2. Street View – This app helps you experience a place at street level. Checking landmarks and popular places.

That is all about maps. Now go get your hands on Google Maps and try out some of these.

  • Kylie Wenn

    I love google maps.. For a driver whom don’t really ‘know’ which direction to go, Google map is my life-saver to reach my destination on time!

  • Hina Naz

    Google maps help me alot to find interesting places. It has made our lives easy. great informative post

    • @disqus_8AFWQiLq0q:disqus thank you. I hope you find it useful

  • Yan

    true, google maps has proved to be extremely useful! i use it most when i’m trying to locate a particular place, but for transport suggestions? NO WAY. haha! after hearing that it suggests swimming the pacific ocean to get to one place, you would understand! haha

    • @yanbirog:disqus really?!! I guess the Google guys needs to do some changes then. Haha! But, it really helps a lot in getting directions.

  • anna

    This is really cool ! Agreeing with the other comment – it is such a life saver, especially for someone like me who gets lost all the time ! :)

  • i use google maps a lot since i always join events as a blogger almost every other day. thanks for giving me more details about this app. this is one of the most precious apps in my phone!

    • @Monamie12:disqus you’re welcome. I am sure the app details would help you understand better

  • My gosh – I did not realise you could do all these on google maps. Thanks for sharing.

    • @binturecipesfromapantry:disqus you’re welcome. I hope you find them useful

  • I use Google maps when planning my travels overseas as well as to monitor traffic locally! It’s great with giving directions and can be more reliable than my GPS or Waze

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    Now it’s great that even in Metro Manila, Google Maps transport suggestions are already available. However, the estimate time it takes to travel from Point A to Point B is still not dependable because of the traffic.

    • @rochkirstinsantos:disqus you are absolutely right about the estimate time. But, traffic will obviously make that vary.

  • I use google maps on the road and also on my site. It’s easier giving readers direction with google maps.

  • dmhyf

    I do not know how we survived travelling without Google Maps just fifteen years or so ago. This is such an essential tool for all travellers now so that they do not get lost.

  • Lorane Rhoden

    My favorite feature is the realistic Satellite View .. I can stay here in Jamaica and look at my uncles house in Tenessee :-)

  • I’m doing this Google Maps often for my blogsites and pretty useful. The more I searched, the more I used my time indefinitely.

    • @fernandoceballoslachica:disqus you are right. The maps are very addictive and can succumb hours down the line.

  • Khushboo Motihar

    Very exciting features indeed. My absolute favorite is the transport suggestion. It is useful when you are in an unknown city. :)

    • @khushboomotihar:disqus yes absolutely. These Google Map apps are super useful

  • Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    My hubby loves to play around with Google Maps all of the time! It is a riot to see the close ups of your friends and families homes, LOL

  • I use all of these features and I’m a super fan of google maps in my iPhone. Even though iPhone has its own maps app, I always switch to google maps every time for directions!

  • papaleng

    This is the first time to hear that Google Map can be of good use to blogsites. The app has great features and of big help even to ordinary individual.

  • phyaboo

    This is actually useful. I have to check out other apps like Waze for route suggestions but since google maps has them maybe I don’t need to check out other apps.

  • KyrilSoulX

    Didn’t know google maps has so many options for you to play with~ nice information 😀

  • Janine Daquio

    i find it useful especially when I have blog events to attend and Im not familiar with the place. I jus thope I know how to incorporate google map into my blog so that my page visitors would know immediately the places I write

  • Tiffany Yong

    Hmm… I wonder why do you blog about this when everyone knows about Google Maps and its powerful functions? Perhaps it’s a good reminder for bloggers to use them :)

    • @tiffanyyong:disqus exactly so..and also to introduce to many bloggers and website owners who are novice.

  • What an interesting topic. I use it occasionally and I’m familiar with all its features. but I prefer MapQuest. I have more control on changes in my travel directions on MapQuest.