Embedded posts create massive Facebook likes

Embedded posts create massive Facebook likes

I have recently lunged into an attempt of viral social marketing. My target is to reach a huge level of social presence by the end of the next three months.

For several months now, I have been coming through a lot of articles that say social media is one of the biggest forms of traffic generating methods. Facebook likes have been named one of the leaders of social growth. Well, this is absolutely true. In some cases, I have seen clear examples wherein people have also received masses of traffic from Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

Here is a screenshot of the last month’s social traffic sources from Google Analytics –

facebook post embed tool to increase facebook likes

Why need more Facebook likes

As you can see, my maximum amount of traffic results from Google plus. Okay. So, I am really impressed with my Google Plus marketing! That said, I cannot just rely on one social network for the whole of my blog’s traffic.

Very frankly speaking, I am not one of the bloggers who get huge amount of traffic each month. So, for me, it is very important to keep up the good social work. Facebook is a giant among social networks. So, my prime target in these three months is getting huge Facebook likes. I need more people to love my stuff and follow my daily updates.

My second best social performer is StumbleUpon and then comes Disqus (my commenting tool). So, as you can see, Facebook is nowhere near the top contenders.

Facebook likes for a business page or promotional page has huge advantages. The Facebook feed system is made in such a way that all stories and updates from a liked page appears on the home page.

According to the statistics by KISSmetrics, Facebook pages must target to post 1-3 times a day at the maximum. The users, who go through your Facebook page updates, would consider reading or clicking through 3 posts at the max. Any more than this is considered to be offending for the followers and is more often considered as self-promotional spam.

So, what’s the trick? Some trick to get more returns out of our Facebook fan page and more Facebook likes; without investing in paid advertisements.

Boosting Facebook likes with embed concept

Just a few days back I came across this awesome concept of post embedding. I am sure some of you already know what it is. For others, who are still in the dark (just like I was a couple of days back); I would like to explain the concept and portray it in this post itself.

I read through two articles that delivered the concept of exposing your Facebook page in a totally different manner.

This procedure is absolutely free of cost and does not require any paid campaigns or anything of that sort.

The articles I read clearly stated that there was a profitable method of engaging users with your Facebook posts and get more Facebook likes in a less span of time.

The first pitch was on PostPlanner and the second one was by Kenny Boykin.

Both of these articles said the same thing. I myself have written on Facebook marketing strategies previously, but I was unaware of this technique at that point of time.

So, the concept is very simple. Let’s break it down to simplify –

  1. You post something on Facebook through your fan page. You get some likes but that isn’t enough.
  2. Now, you know that your blog has more exposure than your Facebook page. For example, my blog gets good traffic from all over the internet – through organic searches, other social networks, etc. But, my Facebook likes are very less and so referrals are also less.

So, what I do is, I embed or copy the Facebook page status to my blog post. This way I get more exposure to my blog post and Facebook page.

  1. The readers get to see my Facebook update in my post itself. They interact with post and also get the option to like my page at this point. Thus increasing my chances of gaining more Facebook likes.

Doing the embed and watching how it works

To make it simpler for all my readers, I will detail the process step by step, and also try out a demo in this post itself.

So, here’s the procedure –

– You post something on Facebook


facebook post embed tool to increase facebook likes


– Once the update appears on the stream, go to the top-right corner and click on the down arrow. There you’ll see the option to  embed the post. Click on it.


facebook post embed tool to increase facebook likes


– Once you click on it, a box appears with the HTML and JavaScript code generated for the post. Copy the code and paste it in    your blog content area (where you write your content – the editor).


facebook post embed tool to increase facebook likes


– That’s it. It must appear now.

The result is –

So, here’s what I got myself. If you like what you see and what you just learnt; don’t forget to engage with my post above and do like my page on Facebook.

  • Embedded posts rock for cross promotion. Thanks!

    • Great! I am happy that you found it useful ! @ryanbiddulph:disqus