Ingredients for a powerful landing page

Ingredients for a powerful landing page

Landing pages draw in more leads for your brand. Initially, when I was a new comer to the industry, I thought landing pages were pages on the website where users are redirected from a particular search or shared content. But, with time I realized that landing pages were far more than that.

Every website has some scope and motive. Mostly websites are created to build leads and increase sales on the online market. We can just say that for any website on the internet, even if it is just a blog, it requires traffic and traffic. That’s all website owners want. To showcase their stuff to as much people as possible.

What is a landing page?

Building mailing list and subscriber list is a very important part of internet marketing. Several websites on the internet build mailing list and send out regular updates and weekly subscriptions free of cost. This is a very powerful way to build quality relationships with your clients.

Well, a landing page is way beyond these simple things. Landing pages are the webpages that you see as soon as you visit a website’s domain. The first page that is visible is often known as the landing page. This page is believed to be the impression creator and has all the related information the first-time visitor requires. Often when a website is under construction webmasters tend to keep a landing page to gather all the incoming traffic.

How to prepare your landing page efficiently

A landing page must contain some basics in order to catch the quick attention of visitors. A statistics has proved that visitors do not entertain your website more than 5 seconds after page load, if it is not so convincing by the look of it. So, whatever it is; you’ll have to create the great “first impression”.

Landing page background

This is extremely important. Humans love colors and no website visitor would love a website that has a dull, blank appearance. Colors are very necessary. But, of course, do not over do. Absurd mixing of colors can be harmful. I suggest that instead of a single color background, it’s always good to keep an image as background. The image must however depict your field of interest. Having something related to your content is very important.

Subscriber list building 

Having a subscription option is the next big thing. There are several software services on the internet that offer fantastic subscription codes. Mailchimp is my personal favorite. Mailchimp has a great UI to produce great looking mailers and also to manage your user lists. So, always include a box saying – “subscribe to get free mailers” or “get our free weekly updates”, etc.

Compact story about your product

Your landing page will speak for your content or product. So, always remember that you must provide a very short yet effective description of what you are offering to your visitors. Even if you have promos and discounts at the moment, just feel free to offer your visitors. Just remember, as much as you can spice up your page; your visitors will love it.

Videos can be very effective on a landing page 

If you are good at creating videos; might work out good for you. Nowadays, short narrative videos like whiteboard videos or animated ones create a compelling effect on viewers. Do remember, images work more effectively than text and videos work 5 times more than images.

Show off your social presence 

Social media and marketing has taken a new leap in the last couple of years. So never back off from showing off your social presence. Tell your visitors that you would love to connect to them on their favorite social networking site. This is one of the most important sections of landing page conversions.

How do you build your landing page?

Well, all said, now it’s turn to help you out creating a landing page for yourself. Creating a landing page is no big deal if you are a developer yourself. You can also get paid services on the internet for creating landing pages.

One very effective online portal for creating landing pages is LeadPages. This website is very effective with a huge stack of built in templates and also an option to import your own created template. This offers you to instantly implement your landing page to WordPress, Facebook or any private server. So you need not know coding to get a great landing page for yourself.

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