Building traffic with a few unused but effective means

Building traffic with a few unused but effective means

You own a website on the internet and you want people to come there, right? Do you know what factors affect this? I will describe all pros and cons that are resulting to a low user count on your website. I will also tell you how you can rectify that.

Let’s jump in straight. You all know the basics of a website, be it a blog site or product site. So, there’s no point stretching on that.

Traffic comes from frequency of content update

As you will know, that SEO is a major part of the internet. SEO factors a lot on traffic too. Organic traffic should be the highest source of traffic for any website. There are many sources of traffic like social marketing, email marketing, traffic from guest commenting, building audience from guest posting, etc. But, you must always keep in mind that appearing in organic searches is the most important source for driving users to your website.

Frequency of your website content update determines how active your website is. Google and all other search engines prefer giving active websites to their users. So, regular updating content, articles, etc. is very important for building traffic. Otherwise, the search engines give preference to competitor websites who are more active for the same keyword.

Building traffic involves a lot of SEO

Organic search appearances totally depend on the SEO that your website has. SEO has a huge scope and is bifurcated in various avenues. Some of things are not within your control – like age of your domain, backlinks, etc. These are parts of off-page SEO and must be given time to improve. Off-page SEO must not be hurried as it can blacklist your website in major search engines.

On contrary, you can always improve other aspects of off-page SEO like, you server bandwidth, guest commenting on niche websites, etc. The most important section is the on-page SEO that helps your website appear more in organic searches. On page SEO involves several factors that include image optimization, reducing HTML CSS and JavaScript files sizes, adding alt tags to images, adding header tags of various types, adding titles to elements, adding meta tags including description, keywords, etc. All these are vital parts of building traffic.

Commenting and following other blogs helps building traffic

Commenting on other blogs regularly shows your commitment to the blogosphere to other users. Commenting is the best form of advertising your content in front of a large audience. Premium blogs and forums are the most valuable sources for bloggers. These are the two main sources of building traffic through commenting. Just share a link that has a resemblance with the topic of discussion and share something that the users would love to read. Something that will help them even more will always be appreciated. You would get returning visitors to your website.


Guest posting is always effective

After the news from Matt Cutts on guest blogging became so viral, people started losing faith on guest blogging. Well, several of the premium websites have even stopped taking submissions arbitrarily.

Well, what I feel is, we can still focus on guest blogging because it is a premium method of acquiring backlinks. If you’re author and owner of a premium, high PR website, I have no suggestions for you. For starters, I suggest that high PR blogs and websites would love to accept your content if you clearly state your intent. This is powerful in terms of building traffic because these websites get a lot of page-views each day and you would be highlighted automatically.

Often backlink is not the only factor. Backlinks help in organic search. But, you could just clearly mention it to them that you want their traffic shares. Even that is profitable. Building traffic is not a crime and I think every premium blog will love your idea. Just don’t forget to produce a good content pitch for them. They would never entertain a bad article on their highly visited website.

Social networking is divine for building traffic

A few months back, I learned that Pinterest was one of the leading referral providers for bloggers. Several bloggers have jumped deep into Pinterest sharing options. Facebook and Twitter has always been a premium provider of followers and readership. Google Plus is the recent hype.

I recently noticed that Google Plus posts are more frequently listed and appear higher in Google search results. So, even if your post title does not match the user’s query, there’s a chance that your post text might match and you might result higher on Google.   

Tease users with your content and direct them to more of your content

Whenever you create a write-up, remember to structure the content and phrase it in an intelligent way. While building traffic, you must involve and include your previous articles within your content. But, do not do that straight in a blunt manner. Obviously, you must involve links within the flow of the article.

Also, keep them involved in your article. Try to tease them more with your article topic. Whenever you share something interesting, just show them the basics. When they are already interested in the basics; they will automatically search for elaborations.

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