Blogging tips that boosted my results

Blogging tips that boosted my results

Blogging tips; I learned them good, but could put very few to practice. In fact, I know that there would be at least one reader out there who will read my blog post today. He or she would know all of it just like me, yet fail to accomplish. Well, the blogosphere is filled with this all the time.

We do know so many ideal paths but we seldom can follow them actually. I was reading this article just a few days back where the author says that blogging regularly is very important. These blogging tips matter a lot. To be very frank, after 2 years of blogging I still could not bring that continuity. In fact, my blog is almost 2 years old and I know it isn’t performing well just because of these.

Regularized content is one of the most important blogging tips

Well, that’s the very first and most important point. I have seen bloggers and their blogs start after me and yet shooting high up. The only reason is consistency. Always continue writing regular content for your blog. This is important for search engines to track the changes in your blog. This way they’ll know that you’re more active than others.

Finding a suitable time for your blog work each day is really important. Fix at least one point of the day when you must avoid any other job and focus on this. You must not postpone blogging for anything (no matter how important it is). This extreme regulation can be fruitful. You’ll gather a habit gradually.

Reading other blogs

This is yet another one of the top flight blogging tips from a great blogger. Having some fixed blogs which you must follow regularly. Well, I believe that it need not be in the same genre. You can follow any blog you want.

One of the main advantages of this is staying focused and enhancing determination. As long as you keep in touch with the blogosphere, you’ll see that your fondness of blogging won’t go away. In fact, watching regular blogs can motivate you to create fresh and regular content for yourself.

Blogging tips maestro – follow others, don’t keep on copying

This is one of my favorites and I do not know about the other blogging tips, but I keep this one in mind always. Of course! There should be a unique material about everyone. Do not just go on and start copying topics and materials from other bloggers.

You might like a topic of discussion and you feel like writing something related to that. That’s great! That’s innovation and inspiration. But, reading something somewhere and then coming back and vomiting that into your own blog post is just ridiculous. Never do that.

Bloggers love to be mentioned – you too love it, admit it

Well, if someone asks me; I would say – of course I do! I love to see my name mentioned in articles and search results. When I do a guest post and publish it, I keep on pondering around the author area for about 10-12 times. That name gives so much satisfaction.

All bloggers feel the same way I guess. If you mention someone’s name in your blog, he or she would love to acknowledge that. In fact, that has advantages. You might just get a very high PR link juice back to your website as a return gift. This is also one of the important blogging tips I learned. I try to mention names wherever applicable.

Marketing is equally important as producing content

Marketing your blog is very important. This includes on and off page SEO, speed optimization, boosting organic results with the help of social marketing and guest commenting, building quality backlinks with the help of guest posting.

Bloggers suggest that at least the social sharing and email rss feeds must be enabled essentially to gain attraction of new and existing readers. This increase chances of getting more readers to your site. So, even after publishing content, do not stop. Start off with distributing the content to as many people possible.