Blogging mistakes that affects traffic

Blogging mistakes that affects traffic

Bloggers around the world spend a lot of time on creating content, socializing, marketing and promoting, and so much more to get the best out of their blog. There are numerous bloggers out there who are severely dedicated to producing the best results for their blog.

However, in between these loads of fruitful efforts, at times there come situations where they fail to do the perfect. I have been blogging for a while and have gone through numerous blogs articles and professional suggestions on the perfect ways to blog.

So here is a list of blogging mistakes that bloggers often commit and they do not realize even –

Always remember these and keep in mind not to ever fall prey to these traps.

Making the blog’s appearance attractive instead of the content

This is a very important for newbie bloggers. Even when I was just starting blogging, about two or three months into the field, I had a habit of visiting several other blogs (I still do that, in fact). I was very quickly taken away by the variety designs, social icons, subscribe box, sliding effect, fade effect, and it goes on and on… Never do this! This is nothing but a diversion from the real job.

Finally what pays is your material and content. Your visitors might like your fancy website once, but they won’t come back again if you do not have good write-ups.

Making long posts to impress is one of the very common blogging mistakes

This is another common problem. Several bloggers focus on quantity rather than quality. But, actually what matters is quality. Do not write the same thing over and over to increase the count on your computer screen’s left bottom corner. It doesn’t matter. Share good knowledge. That counts!

Marketing and promoting is a must!

Several bloggers just post an article and share it on Facebook and twitter maybe. That’s it. They stop there and expect to get a huge chunk of people to suddenly find their blog and start reading and subscribing. Well, in the real world this never happens.

You must properly showcase your ideas and then let people know about your write up. When you have a product, nobody comes and takes it from you in the beginning. That happens way later when they know you have good products.

At the beginning, promote as much as you can. Social marketing is best for blog marketing. Also read – blog marketing strategies you didn’t think of. In this mentioned article, you will get a detail about the several marketing and promoting strategies for your blog content

Some blogging mistakes often made

Create connections. It’s very important

Having connections and network with the leading giants is always a mandate. Do not ever keep yourself isolated from the world you are in. Dive in and find more and more friends who have the same mission.

There is no point of competition or rivalry in this path. You actually share your knowledge and skills and that is something patent to you. No one can just take away your position. If it’s good it belongs to you and same if it is bad too!

Each connection is like a new lead. If he or she finds your content interesting, he or she shares and you gain more and more exposure. That’s a kind of promotion itself!

Do not copy! They need updated content

Some blogging mistakes are absolutely dangerous. Several bloggers often imitate during their startup. This is absolutely suicidal! Writing content or articles from someone else, with the same words or same concept is useless.

Be unique and create new ideas. That is what readers would love about you. Copying someone else is like highlighting the other one. It is when people would start comparing and if by chance your content proves to be weaker; you’ll be thrown away permanently.

Stop running after dead back-links

Google’s Penguin update made thousands of websites pay. Do not be in the same list. Stop spam commenting just to get backlinks to your website. This might increase your rank and give a good number of backlinks, but temporarily. When you fall, you’ll be lost.

Never do this. Instead always focus on building traffic. One perfect combination I have learnt and I do implement is good white hat SEO, networking, promoting and good content.

The idea is very simple – when I have good SEO I will obviously be good in the organic search part. Now, for the referral part, if my content is good and I have a good number of connections; my content is bound to be viral. Several bloggers in my connection will automatically give me backlinks if I have good content to be shared.

So, on-page and off-page – both ways my content has good SEO and traffic.

Analytics can be heartbreaking is one of the greatest blogging mistakes

I used to check Alexa every other day. One of the most horrific blogging mistakes. Believe me, the fluctuations and the super slow progress will make you frustrated gradually. Never do this. Even checking analytics like traffic and backlinks also have negative effects. They divert you and get you agitated.

Check once or twice in a month and work accordingly in the next coming days. That’s it. Check analytics, but only reports like top network referrals, social traffic, etc.

Never use fancy and misleading titles

This is a total no! I recently came across this act myself. I follow one of the daily blogs on Facebook and receive absolutely tempting updates from their FB page.

At times the titles and descriptions are just so delicious. But, I when I visit the blog it’s absolutely something not so juicy. Well, maybe this is kind of marketing; but my opinion is that this type of marketing doesn’t stay long.

Once your users get irritated, they would never trust your titles again.

Well that is all. I would suggest that you also have a look at this article – 11 Common Blogging Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Audience’s Time. This article also portrays some very common blogging mistakes.