Blogging for money in a private domain

Blogging for money in a private domain

Internet is the market nowadays for entrepreneurs and start-ups to make money for them. However, this requires extensive knowledge, skill, research about latest measures and tools and a lot of hard work and patience.

Blogging for money has been a very primitive concept and several bloggers around the world make a good living from this. Money making on the internet is not an easy job. Blogging is basically writing down or portraying your ideas and views to a focused group of readers. Your blog must be focused on a certain niche. By this, I mean to say that you must not go about writing or making videos on any and everything.

The internet is a network of computers. Websites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing provide you with a huge collection of results when you search the internet for something. These results are not manually found out by people like you and me. All these major search machines follow a complex algorithm to extract out the best possible results for you.

The search engines send out bots and spiders. These are computer programs that access all possible websites on the internet for the given search term. So, if you do not focus on a particular topic, your website will end up nowhere. Because these algorithms try to figure out what each website is about. Your blog must contain similar topic keywords and tokens to give an idea to the web crawlers.

Niche blogging is very important. When I started blogging, I was highly motivated from the posts and videos by Lisa Irby. She is a real motivation for all newbie bloggers and she has a great post on niche blogging. This post gives a fantastic idea on what exactly should be your starting point when you plan to start a blog. Blogging for money is a great idea but you must be well prepared to give a good start. Otherwise, you might just land up getting demotivated.

Start blogging for money, but properly

When I started this blog way back in 2012, I had a focus – a goal set to be achieved in the coming years. I would not say that I have achieved it completely, but I have gone a long way down the line. When I started, I had no knowledge and experience about blogging. I just fancied the concept of earning money and blogging for money. But gradually, I learnt a lot from several other bloggers and their fantastic content.

Blogging for money can be fruitful when you proceed in the correct direction. Blogging mistakes can pull you head long down to an unrecoverable position where several bloggers get frustrated and ultimately quit.

The very first step is to select your niche, as I mentioned earlier. Now, selecting your niche can be tricky. I personally think that you must always think of a topic that you have enough knowledge to share with your readers. If you go on imitating a blog of your choice while blogging for money, you may end up losing later on.

The main reason is that a blog runs on a simple mantra – “content, content and content”. Without proper and juicy content, your readers wouldn’t love to visit your website for a second time.

When you are blogging for money, learn to learn from the leaders in the market. Try to grasp the best from the experts and you would automatically soar high.

Popular websites like Mashable, WPBeginner, etc. are some the blogs I love to follow. The main reason is that these websites have a constant flow of interesting article topic or video / image content.

Always think from the point of view of your readership. Think in a way that if you were the reader who prefers to read content in this particular niche; what would have been your taste and what content would you have been preferred.

I think this is the best way to earn more readerships and make quality content.

Blogging for money can be quite hectic if you do not proceed in the correct path. Generating traffic is the stepping stone towards making money, and without the correct content your website wouldn’t generate any traffic.

Blogging for money in your own domain name

This idea is great is some situations. Google especially gives a very high priority in terms of SEO when it encounters that you have a dedicated domain name and hosting services for your blog. This shows your dedication and seriousness in blogging.

However, there are some key points that I would like to highlight regarding this procedure. I run my own blog on dedicated domain since the very beginning. What I learned down these years is great and helped me to proceed. Have a look, may be they might help you too.

  • Firstly, private domains are great in terms of making an impression to Google and other search engines. When Google figures out that you are actually paying for your venture, then you are likely to continue your quest for a long time. Google prefers producing genuine search results to its users. By genuine it means that bloggers who start off on shared hosting or free services often discontinue later on. These are like dead ends and Google hates to refer these types of articles to its users.
  • Furthermore, if you plan to use affiliate marketing; a dedicated web space can give you good responses from your partners. Even Google’s AdSense prefers users with an owned domain space.
  • On the other hand, the hosting services and domain name that you have availed, must be renewed at least once a year. So, that is a cost you must carry upon yourself. Blogging for money is a long process. So, do not expect to start making money within a very short time. If you plan to blog as leisure, I suggest you do it on some free blog engine.
  • Personal domains from the SEO point of view are also very weak at the start. Your domain is just bought. It is absolutely without any off-page SEO. No backlinks, no social presence, no traffic at all. On the other hand, popular blog engines have a reputation of their own. Your articles on these engines would rank higher compared to if you write the same article on your own domain.

Keeping all of this in mind, go ahead and start investing time and pain on blogging. But, several bloggers get tired and frustrated down the line when they find that the progress is very slow. But, if you keep going on with the hard work and patience, you will hit the greats some day for sure!

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