Benefits of guest commenting

Benefits of guest commenting

Guest commenting is a very popular strategy used by several bloggers to find exposure for their blog. Commenting on other blogs and websites is a very good practice and earns a few advantageous success plots for you.

Guest commenting involves a few steps. These steps are not mandatory, but I can assure you that random commenting on authority websites (websites with a high PR), would not give you perfect results. In fact, you won’t even get good results.

Every aspect of SEO and web marketing has a motive and procedure. You would end up getting nothing out of the internet, if you do not have proper strategies.

Here are the cardinals you must keep in mind before conducting a guest commenting campaign each day

  1. Try to figure out which keywords make up the major section of your blog. This should be the target keyword for you when you are looking for websites to comment on.
  2. Now search for articles as if you were the reader. You know what kind of articles you write. Search Google for similar articles.
  3. Once you find articles and websites from the same niche, you can start moving to each site one at a time. At this point, notice one thing. You are commenting on websites that have topics from the same niche as yours. This adds to your off page SEO efforts. Several websites have the facility of adding a do follow link back to your website. This is a great backlink strategy.
  4. Before you move on to start opening up the websites that appeared in the search results, I would like you to know another vital point. Before commenting on a website, make sure it has a good record for itself. PR and Alexa Rank are two vital factors. Without a good PR juice, it’s no use getting a backlink from a website. I suggest you open the websites in Mozilla Firefox and use the PageRank Checker addon for detecting PR and Alexa Rank.

The several advantages of guest commenting

We learned how to plan a guest commenting approach. Now, let us find out the various aspects that can be easily achieved with the help of guest commenting.

  1. Guest commenting earns some quality backlinks.
  2. Commenting regularly can earn a reputation for you.
  3. Commenting on other blogs from the same niche can drive good traffic
  4. If you comment regularly on some blogs, you are actually doing good networking in the blogosphere.
  5. The other readers and commenters on that particular blog will also find you genuine and regular about blogging.

Backlinks from guest commenting

Whenever you are posting a comment on some other website, you get a chance to put your website address there. CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled websites offer pulling the latest post link for the comment maker. However, whether it would be a do-follow link or a no-follow link depends on the owner of the website.

Commenting on CommentLuv or KeywordLuv enabled websites has higher chances of producing backlinks. You may try searching for you niche through DropMyLink. This website produces results for a keyword but according to the “comment-type” query you specify.



Whenever you see an input field for you to supply a website link from your side, know that it is an opportunity for your website to gain a backlink. Again, you can use Mozilla’s nodofollow addon for checking the links on a website.


Guest commenting reputation

Backlinks are not the only motive of guest commenting. Often reputation plays a big factor on the way your readers would respond to your blog. Remember, content on the web in any form must be good. If it is, readers would automatically love to connect to your website regularly.

So, if you comment good sensible matter, with some more effective knowledge on the existing topic; both the owner and the co-readers would love to find out what you have in store in your own blog.

Same niche guest commenting

This is very important for your long-term off-page SEO. Any irrelevant links to a particular website is always ignored by search engines, especially Google. Google loves reputed websites. By reputation we mean that enough websites are pointing to you as a good source of knowledge. These websites must also be form the same niche.

Meaning? Well, for example, if you sell shoes and have a website on it; you must try to comment on high PR websites of shoe companies or at least from the apparel industry. It is no use you get a good back link from a PHP coding community. That would not be counted as a credit during organic search results.      

Networking is a must

Guest commenting is also good for creating good contacts on the internet. When you are commenting on a high traffic website, you are actually exposing yourself to a large database of users. If these people find that they can relate to what you are saying and like your stuff; you would probably get a bunch of followers or fellow bloggers in your contact list.

This is again exposure for your work. They would obviously look up to getting fresh updates from you in the future.