A short note on me and my venture

Kaustav Banerjee - Blogger - A 100 Web Solutions

Kaustav Banerjee

Software Engineer : by profession
Blogger : by hobby
Interests : "Any code will do", music, soccer[MUFC of course]
Dreams : to make A 100 Web Solutions a busy hub

Hey ! First of all, thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

You already have come to know a bit about me. I started this blog way back in 2012. I was especially inspired from other blogs that offered first hand coding help on related subjects. So, I thought similarly and started building my own blocks.

My write-ups are mainly related to web technology like JQuery, AJAX, PHP, HTML, CSS and preliminary coding using C and JAVA. I try to provide as much support technically as possible. All the demos and codes in this website have been created and tested to help out the beginners out there.

I was a beginner in these technologies at some point of time, and faced some very large and also some very minute issues. I try to remember those issues and provide the solution here. So, any newcomer can quickly refer to my solution and get the results.

I am still learning new subjects each day and I would love to continue providing the same help in all new technologies that come my way.

You can come in touch with me through Twitter / Google Plus / LinkedIn

Or just shoot me a mail and I shall get back to you.