5 reasons why content marketing makes you a better blogger

5 reasons why content marketing makes you a better blogger

Content Marketing is very important; and you already know that. But, to what extent and what is the correct mechanism to implement it? I would love to elaborate this fact to all bloggers out there on the internet who have just started their journey. Often bloggers have a notion that writing vigorously and posting loads and tons of content can get them to a very high position.

Well, blogging is only successful when you have all the blogging clauses perfect. By that, I mean everything else other than just posting content. Content Marketing has a major role in hiking a blog’s presence in this tough competitive internet world. People should actually be knowing that you have a blog and you are posting! Otherwise, there is no point posting hundreds or even thousands of posts in a month.

So, let’s talk business. Here’s the five things you can do to quickly uplift your content marketing and publishing strategies. This will bring you loads of traffic and let people know that you have a niche blog that has good potential.

Content marketing boosts your social media presence – increasing more followers

Social media is really important for any blogger. This is the prime hub for people who would actually be regulars at your blog. So, you would never risk losing this platform, would you?

Content marketing is mainly done through social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest – these are the major places where people crowd each day.

Whenever you publish something in your blog, remember to share it on these networks as much as you can. Do not spam, however!

These networks have the power to multiply your efforts within a short span of time. Your post will reach out to your followers and their friends; and it goes on. It’s as it is known – the ripple effect.

Believe me, this ripple has worked wonders for me.

Try to target communities and groups that are in the same genre as your blog. Here people would be interested to know more on similar topics.

Do not spam on several groups arbitrarily. That only creates a bad impression.

Your older posts are recycled through content marketing and brought to limelight

Try to grab a plugin or addon like Shareoholic or HootSuite. These are silent, yet extremely powerful plugins.

I have HootSuite for my own website and it has given me tremendous performances.

While I was down, detached from blogging for almost six months – HootSuite kept on continuously marketing my existing blog posts.

I was regularly on Twitter and Facebook. My previous posts were getting randomly shuffled and put before my followers and several more. I got a boost in my traffic even when I was not writing a single word.

That is a tremendous power that comes from effective content marketing. Reshuffling the older posts gives better visibility to your blog, and at the same time draws more readers and comments to your previous posts.


Content marketing helps you connect more with fellow bloggers

You fellow bloggers are like your friends and soothsayers in this trade. You can learn immense amounts from your peers in this industry.

So, content marketing has a solution for this situation also. Just as I mentioned, use HootSuite or such a tool that posts directly, silently for you from your account.

Now, these tools are really intelligent. They are very careful that your account do not suffer spamming consequences. So, they do a wonderful thing. They retweet or share content or post from the accounts that you follow.

So, if you are building relations online, your plugin will help you go a step further. Your content marketing will boom along with your online presence.

Your peers would find that you are liking or re-sharing the posts that they have put up. That will delight them for sure.

Your posts reach to several people – thus improving ranking factors

One of the several factors among Google’s ranking algorithm is that your website must be quite busy in terms of traffic and must be appreciated by a lot of people. So, you want a positive boost to your SEO?

Content marketing is just a step forward towards this. People will know more about your ideas and posts, and chances are that they might just put a backlink to your website article in their own masterpiece.

This way, your article would get a huge traffic boost and also a quality backlink. Your SEO is one step ahead now! Congratulations!

Content marketing makes your blog more engaging

All bloggers want their blog to be effective and interactive. Bloggers love to see more and more people hum around their content.

Comments are a driving factor for bloggers. They love to see people reacting (hopefully positive) to their write ups.

Content marketing drives in more people to your blog. Thus, when people visit your blog more frequently, chances are that they will gradually start interacting with whatever you write there.

Content marketing is giving this boost to you as well. Your motivation comes from more readers and commenters. It can do that for you.

Give it a try – content marketing is purely a practice and you can master it as soon as you figure out what are the correct measures to be taken. I have guided you to a certain extent. Try moving beyond this and exploring more. All the best.

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